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Will you guarantee a result for my NJ Traffic Ticket/DUI?

No ethical New Jersey attorney will guarantee you a result.  Any attorney who does is not someone you should hire.  We can only tell you what a likely result will be after a careful review of all of the State’s evidence against you based on our skill, knowledge, education, experience, and training.  At Andres Mejer Law given our experience in hundreds of municipal court cases we can accurately assess likely outcomes and develop a strategy to minimize collateral consequences.

What should I do?

If you and received a traffic ticket in Monmouth or Ocean Counties, you can click on the link and download our free book, “Why Pleading Guilty to your New Jersey Traffic Ticket is NOT an option,” you can contact me through this site or the chat feature, or you can call to speak to our knowledgeable staff at 888-695-6169.

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