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What to Do If You Are Pulled Over by Police: FAQ

If the police direct me to pull over, do I have to do so immediately, regardless of the circumstances?

No. You have a right not to be pulled over by police on a deserted stretch of highway by an unmarked police car. If this occurs, put on your vehicle’s hazard lights and drive slowly to a lighted or populated area. You may also dial 911 and ask the police dispatcher if there is a police officer in your vicinity.

Do I have to answer questions about my condition when I am pulled over by the police?

No. You have the absolute right to remain silent except as to such basic information as your identity.

Are there any things I must provide to the police if I am pulled over by police?

Yes. If you are stopped by police, you must provide proper and valid identification, including license, registration and proof of insurance.

Do I have to let the police search my vehicle?

No. Under the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. and New Jersey Constitutions you can deny police the right to search your vehicle without a search warrant. Be aware, however, that refusing to let them search your vehicle may result in the car being held until a search warrant is obtained.
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