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US Citizenship Fee Increasing

US Citizenship Fee Increasing

USCIS recently announced proposed fee increases for several categories of immigration applications. This includes: DACA renewals, green card and citizenship applications, as well as asylum petition and work permit costs.

Transcript (Transcripción):

Andres Mejer :We got three subjects for the English version of our program, but I said they wanted to be legal number one price increase. It’s going to become a whole lot more expensive to become a lawful permanent resident or a U.S. citizen. 

Andres Mejer  :How much more are a lot more on average, 21 percent increase across the board. 

Andres Mejer :But it’s air in some petitions, it’s much more than 21 percent. Let me give an example. If you want to be a U.S. citizen today, so assuming you’ve had your Green Card for five years or three years, you have nothing that disqualifies you. Criminal record, you pay your taxes. You don’t you don’t owe back child support. You’ve been in the U.S. long enough time. You haven’t left for more than six months at a time. So I assume you did all of that. You file so today cost you seven hundred twenty five dollars just so immigration can review your petition. That’s. That has nothing to do with legal fees. Would you do it yourself or not? It’s seven hundred twenty five dollars. Well now it’s going to go up 50 percent to one thousand one hundred and seventy dollars. About a 400 dollar increase. Which is more than 50 percent. If you want to become a Green Card holder, let me give you an example where your spouse. She’s a U.S. citizen. You’re the foreign national. She’s applying for you today. That costs you 1760 dollars. Once the price increase goes up, it’ll be two thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars each. Now, imagine you have children from a prior marriage who are under 18 when you’re married. So you marry your wife and you have a seven year old child and a five year old child. Let’s say you have custody. And when you come into the U.S., they’re coming with you or they’re already here. You entered as a tourist and they all came. You decide to stay. 

Andres Mejer :Now she’s considered what’s called an immediate relative. She’s your spouse and she’s a U.S. citizen and she’s over 21. So now she’s filing for you. That’s 2750 dollars. And she’s fine for each one of your kids individually. Each one of those is two thousand seven hundred fifty dollars. That is almost eight thousand dollars in only immigration fees. Nothing to do with your attorney’s fees. That’s a big deal. DACA renewal goes up from four ninety five to seven sixty five. 

Andres Mejer :Again, not insignificant. Certainly a whole lot more than 21 percent. Now asylum seekers today, they’re they’re filing fees are zero. They want to make it 50 bucks. OK. That’s not a big deal. Oh, then these are the poorest of the poor. You know, some people who are out of work really, really have nothing. Now, others do have means. But fifty dollars isn’t that big a deal. Work permits. Four hundred ninety dollars. That is a Big Deal. And they want to make you wait a year before you can apply for work. Permit an even bigger deal. Now travel permit. It’s called advance parole. Doc, I used to have it. TPS still have it . In most family based petitions. When you’re filing for your Green Card, you might file for a travel permit anyway. Well, today it’s included in the fee of what you’re already paying along with work authorization. You know that part of the 1070 and 60 hours once this fee goes into place no more. Now it’s five hundred eighty five bucks. That’s ridiculous. Now I U.S. tell my clients don’t apply for travel permits because I try to you get your Green Card here or we can control it. If you leave the U.S. travel permit, you may have a problem trying to come back in. Here’s the people don’t understand. It isn’t that the law has changed under Trump. It’s not the law. It’s so, Nina asked, do we know when they will go up? We don’t know specifically when the filing fees will go up. So that’s a good question. Thanks, Nina. Right now, there is a comment period up to December 16th. By law, the Trump administration then has to review all those comments and then propose the final rule. Now, one thing we know. Trump administration knew this would not be popular. Trump administration is expecting pushback. It’s expecting comments and negative comments. They do it anyway, so they have to listen to those comments. Well, they have to receive those comments and review them. Does doesn’t mean they have to accept it. So law hasn’t changed the Trump administration. It’s the mentality that’s changed. Whereas in the past, USCIS well let’s just say immigration in general has really gone from a well, how can I get you approved?. How can I help you achieve what you’re looking to achieve? Whether it’s a green card or citizenship or whatever you want. Can I give you the benefit of the doubt? Today it’s how can I deny your petition? What mistake, however small, can I use to deny? Whatever you’re seeking to do. So everything has become harder. More documentation. More questions. More delay. More fees. Everything is just harder because they want less immigrants. So price increase. Don’t wait. If you qualify. Call us today. 8 8 8 8 8 8 0 3 0 7. Consultation is free. As long as you qualify for something and we’ll let you know on the phone whether you have an option that doesn’t cost you anything. I’m Andrés Mejer author, public speaker and immigration attorney. 

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