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Speak No Evil

In this week’s Bible passage, we encounter an interesting theme about guarding our tongues and avoiding gossip. This portion discusses the laws of purity and impurity, particularly concerning bodily discharges and skin diseases. While these topics may seem irrelevant to us today, the underlying message of this portion is still very relevant and applicable to our lives.

Gossip can be highly harmful and can destroy relationships, reputations, and even communities. As human beings, we are all responsible for being mindful of our words and their impact on others, particularly in today’s highly polarized and technologically advanced world, where words can spread rapidly through social media and other platforms, causing irreparable damage.

speak no evil


So, what can we do to avoid falling into the trap of gossip and harmful speech? Here are a few suggestions: 
1. Think before you speak: Before saying something negative about someone else, pause and ask yourself if it is necessary and will bring positivity into the world. 
2. Please focus on the positive: Instead of talking about what someone did wrong, focus on their positive qualities and the good things they have done.
3. Speak directly to the person: If you have an issue with someone, address it directly with them instead of talking behind their back.
By being mindful of our words and actions, we can work towards building strong, healthy relationships based on trust and positivity. Let us strive to love and respect our neighbors and make the world a better place.
Thank you for taking the time to read this email. May you be blessed with peace and joy.
Andres “Work in Progress Optimist” Mejer

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