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How Many Refugees Are Coming to the U.S.?

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There has been a lot of discussion over the topic of Syrian refugees, yet the world forgets that there are refugees from many nations across the globe. The United States takes in 70,000 immigrants every year, and this coming year there may be even more.  President Obama has already stated that he wants 10,000 Syrian refugees to be admitted to the United States in the next fiscal year, but he also directed his administration to raise the number of refugees that we take from the entire world. Under this new direction, the United States would accept 100,000 refugees during the next fiscal year.  Of course there are people saying that he should do more, but as of right now a NJ immigration lawyer discusses what the plan is for the upcoming year.

John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State, indicated he would like to see the US accepting 75,000 Syrian refugees, not just 10,000.  That is not yet U.S. policy, but it might be.  In a prior article, I discussed how the world is treating the refugees.

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