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How Is the Global Community Treating Syrian Refugees?

With the United States being called to accept more Syrian refugees, what is the rest of the world doing?

According to United Nations records there are over 4 million registered refugees.  Here is where they are today:

  • Turkey has a huge border with Syria.  They are housing 1.9 million refugees
  • Lebanon is a small country relatively speaking.  They have a population of approximately 4.4 million people.  Despite this they are housing 1.1 million Syrian refugees
  • Jordan has a history of taking in other groups.  Nearly have of its 7 million population now defined themselves as Palestinians in origin.  They have accepted 629,000 refugees.
  • Iraq like Syria is fighting ISIS, as such, much of the 249,000 refugees have settled in the Northern part of Iraq.  If you think about it the notion of taking refuge in Iraq is absurd.  Iraq like Syria is undergoing its own civil war.
  • In Egypt none of the 132,000 refugees live in camps.

33 nations across the globe (including the United States) currently house Syrian refugees, and almost a dozen more have announced they will soon begin to accept refugees.  Many of these nations have pledged to take in very small amounts, as they simply do not have the room to take in large quantities of refugees.

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