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A Long Branch Traffic Lawyer Can Help You Clear Your Name and Your Record

Long Branch Traffic Violations Lawyers and DUI Lawyers

If you are in need of Long Branch traffic violations lawyers, or a Long Branch DUI lawyer, before you appear in Court, or speak to ANY lawyer about your case, download the FREE consumer report Why Pleading Guilty to Your New Jersey Traffic Ticket is Not an Option or the Truth About Your DUI. The clock is ticking. You may have less than one week before your first court appearance. Waiting to hire an experienced traffic attorney could handicap your defense. Before you do anything, educate yourself about your rights. I have seen too many families jeopardize their livelihood and hard-earned assets, simply because they were misinformed, unprepared, or took action too late to get the outcome they wanted.

Educate Yourself on Long Branch Traffic Violations and NJ DUI: Lawyers will help, but know what you are doing!

It is not the State’s job to educate you about what you are facing. We do that in this consumer report – download Why Pleading Guilty to Your New Jersey Traffic Ticket is Not an Option and in this report download the Truth About Your DUI. We also tell you what to ask a New Jersey traffic violations lawyer before you hire him or her so you can find one of the good guys to defend you. Finding the right attorney is crucial because you probably aren’t the only one who has to live with a bad outcome. Spouses, children, friends, and even co-workers can be impacted if the outcome involves increased insurance premiums, loss of your license, or even jail time.

Free Long Branch Traffic Violations Lawyers information: Know before you call

I am a firm believer in having as much information as possible, and being fully prepared and informed. That is why I prepared these consumer guides and that is why I give them to you for FREE. I have also collected some of my more frequently asked questions and presented them below for your quick access.

Free Long Branch DUI Lawyer Consultation

These resources may not be enough. That is why I am happy to also offer you a no-obligation 30-minute consultation – either by phone or in person. Since I can only accept a limited number of new clients, I must limit this FREE 30 minute consultation to a handful a day. Right now my schedule is filling up fast. I would hate to put you on a long waiting list or see you miss out! So, in order to ensure prompt service, I recommend that you reserve your spot TODAY! CONTACT MY OFFICE NOW. If you prefer, call my office at (888) 695-6169 and ask my assistant to give you my first available time slot.

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As a note, we charge a flat fee for services, meaning you know ahead of time how much your case will cost, regardless of how much work it is for us. We are also fluent in English, Spanish, and Hebrew, allowing us to seamlessly serve all of these communities.

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