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Your Emergency Deportation Plan

Emergency Deportation Plan

Andres explains what your “emergency plan” should be. Andres gives tips on the documentation you should gather together. He also explains if you should keep these documents with you and who should have copies. He talks about what a “good” letter of support is and what proofs of relief are useful. He also discusses why it is important to have a “power of attorney” in place regarding your children and how you can do that.

Transcript (Transcripción):

Andres Mejer: So let’s talk about an emergency plan. Proof of you how long you’ve been here again. Tax documents identity documents including kids’ birth certificate, passport, bank statements, school records, medical records, bills, pay stubs, you name it. Letters of Support indicate the kind of person that you are and how long they have known you. I don’t want Andres Mejer saying I know George for the past two years he’s a good guy. He deserves to stay here. That doesn’t tell me anything. Instead, I said I’ve known George for the past seven years. You know he’s the guy you go to when you need something. He’s always there to help. Here’s what here’s the situation that you had for me. You know when I was in a car accident and I injured my back and I couldn’t move. He took my wife’s food shopping you know to help out because she didn’t drive, so he would take her once a week once every two weeks. And when it when he and his wife would do shopping they brought my wife also. You know that’s the kind of guy George is when you need something. He’s there for you. He’s a positive member of society. So that’s an example of a good letter of support. Now any proof that you’re eligible for some relief. Here’s a copy of my Asylum petition that I filed already. Here’s a copy of my marriage-based petition or here’s you know I applied for TPS and it’s still pending. Again whatever relief you have any corresponding to immigration you should have a copy of it. Now. You should also consider power of attorney for kids. What am I talking about today. I happen to be a U.S. citizen but I was born in Santiago, Chile. I have two kids Noemi who’s 13 and Marcello was 10. Let’s assume for the purpose of conversation I am not a U.S. citizen. I’m undocumented and ICE picks me up. What’s going to happen to my kids? Who’s going to pick them up from school? Where are they going to stay? Who’s going to take them to the doctor? Who’s going to pay the bills like the rent? What happens if I take a voluntary departure to go back to my country? How what happens with my kids? Who renews her passport?. Who puts him on a plane? How does any of that happen? Well, I don’t want the government doing those things for me. Hell no. They just make it more complicated and more problematic. I want to create a power of attorney. It’s limited in time to some good six months that gives someone the authority to do some of those things. So, for example, I want my brother to take care of my kids while I am detained. I give him authority to access my bank accounts. I give him authority to pick up the kids in school taking the school I give my authority to take them to the doctor and to request medical documents and to request a passport for them. I can give him that permission. And I do it in advance. And it’s only in case I am detained and unavailable. So Emergency Kit. Very important to have. If you have more questions about it, give us a call and we’ll get you an emergency kit for you. If you have any questions. Put him down below subscribe to our channel. If there’s a subject you want us to talk about in the future. Put it in the comments. We review it and maybe we’ll talk about it in the weeks to come. 

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