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Why Would Green Card Renewal Be Denied?

Denial of a Green Card Renewal

Green card renewal


Trying to understand US immigration laws can be a very daunting task. While you would likely be familiar with the terms citizenship, permanent residency, nationality, and visa, not a lot are aware of how consular processing, adjustment of status, and travel documents come into play vis-a-vis one’s immigration status. As such, if you have any clarifications related to the green card process (such as renewal), speak to credible and hands-on New Jersey immigration lawyers.

Understanding the Nature of US Green Card Applications

While getting a green card can inherently be difficult for a foreigner, many people willingly go through a tedious application process to successfully get a green card. Immigrants applying for a green card should seek legal help from experienced immigration attorneys, particularly when preparing supporting documents for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (or USCIS office, which is the government agency covering these things).

If things go well and you successfully obtain permanent resident status, it is essential to remember that your permanent residence card has a default validity of ten years. A green card holder may renew a legal document expiring in the next six months if the need arises. While you will not lose your lawful permanent resident status simply because your card has expired, a green card application for renewal is crucial for various reasons. Experienced New Jersey immigration lawyers can explain these.

An Overview of the Green Card Renewal Process

Before you apply for a green card renewal, you must first be mindful of the necessary immigration forms and paperwork involved. If you want to renew your green card, you must file Form I-90 approximately six months before the actual expiration date. When renewing your green card, a competent local attorney can help as you fill out and submit required USCIS forms.

As stated on the USCIS website, a Form I-90 may be submitted either online or through the mail, and you shall receive a receipt with a tracking number after one to three weeks. With this are an accompanying $455 filing fee and an $85 biometrics appointment fee. Afterward, an immigration officer shall notify you of the schedule of your biometrics appointment, which is usually four to eight weeks after you submitted your renewal application. 

Your Notice of Appointment and a valid passport or identification card shall be prepared for fingerprinting, where an immigration officer will capture your photo, fingerprint, and other biometric data at an FBI field office.

Based on current processing times for renewals, a new green card may be mailed twelve to thirteen months after filing. However, the actual processing time will depend both on the evidence submitted and if an immigration service professional was making sure that you are doing things correctly.

Renewals and Denials for Green Cardholders

Your green card renewal application could be for foreign nationals who are considered a public charge (or someone who will depend entirely or mainly on the government, usually through Supplemental Security Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and other social programs) denied. For many reasons, the government may also deny legal permanent resident status to applicants who are at risk of becoming a public charge.

Additionally, it is essential to remember that you must file renewals within six months before the expiration date. While getting caught without the legally required green card can lead to a $100 fine (or sometimes even a misdemeanor charge or jail time), filing for renewal too soon may lead to a denial of your application. This could delay the process and leave you without a valid card for much longer than if you had waited for the six-month window.

Seek Legal Help From a Trusted New Jersey Immigration Attorney

Upon receipt, the USCIS office will accept your application only if it is complete. Incomplete paperwork could be rejected, although you will typically have the opportunity to fix any errors and resubmit a rejected application. The USCIS will likely reject a green card renewal application if it is not signed if it is not filled out correctly, or if the filing fee is incorrect.

While you are not required to have a lawyer to renew your expired permanent residence card, an experienced attorney can help keep things more straightforward. They can assist you as you fill out your application and, in certain situations, appropriately respond to any Requests for Evidence that may arise. While the USCIS website indicates current processing times, green card renewal applications generally take up to twelve or thirteen months, or even more. 

If you want to know how to apply for a green card or if you have questions about the green card renewal process, contact our New Jersey immigration law firm. We will be glad to assist you with immigration paperwork and necessary supporting documents.

Make sure you go through your green card application and renewal without unnecessary stress. Call Andres Mejer Law at (888) 695-6169 to consult with a reliable New Jersey immigration lawyer today.

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