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What Is New Jersey’s Ignition Interlock Device?

Ignition Interlock Device is a mechanism installed in your vehicle that keeps it from starting if the driver has a Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) over a preset limit.  In New Jersey the preset limit is .04 even though the legal limit is .08.  That means that even though you are not legally drunk the car will not start.  The device is randomly programmed to give you tests after you are driving, this is known as a “rolling test.”  The devices vary depending on the company you chose to install the device. 

What are NJ’s Ignition Interlock Requirements?

As of February 5, 2015, the Senate approved a law amending these requirements.  For now, that law hasn’t been implemented.  It will, however, modify these requirements as I described in an earlier post.

  1. First DUI – Installation is discretionary if your BAC is over .10 but less than .15 for a period of 6 to 12 months after your license is restored; Installation is mandatory if your BAC is 0.15 or greater for 6 to 12 months following restoration;
  2. Second DUI – Mandatory installation of interlock device during your two year license suspension and for 1 to 3 years following restoration; and
  3. Third DUI – Mandatory installation of interlock device during 10 year license suspension and for 1 to 3 years following restoration.

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