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Twist and Turns?

I wanted to shoot you a quick email before my next appointment.


We were in Israel, driving to my sister’s house in Kibutz Ragavim. This dude started honking his horn at me, then zipped passed me on my right side, moved a little bit, and hit the breaks in front of me on purpose. Then he sped up, turned in front of me, and slowed down again. He started yelling at me in Arabic; I wasn’t driving fast enough for his tastes. Being the nice guy I am, I gave him the finger and shooed him away with my hands. The driver and his two friends yelled some more and drove off.


Fast forward a couple of days later. I’m riding in a taxi when another crazy taxi driver cuts us off. Both drivers stop their cars, roll down their windows and start yelling at each other. The “confrontation” quickly ended, and my driver turned to me and said, “Normal.”




Israeli drivers make New York City drivers look like little old ladies. If you go and are staying in one area, like Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem, do NOT rent a car because you might not survive! You want to let the professionals drive you around because they know all the twists and turns and are used to dealing with all the problems you might encounter.


It’s the same in immigration. I see immigrants who try to do everything themselves; some are successful. But too many aren’t. They wind up in removal proceedings or get a denial on their application. They take a simple situation and make it complicated, costly, and time-consuming. What I consider a complicated case differs from most attorneys. At Andres Mejer Law, we specialize in complex issues daily. For purposes of this email, I am referring to scenarios where immigrants have made mistakes that can disqualify them.


For example, orders of removal, committing fraud, criminal convictions, or denial of prior petitions. Those cases are more complicated and require a nuanced response. If you try it on your own, you must be very careful. You really should have a “taxi driver” through that process.


Andres “Twist and Turns” Mejer


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