Reflecting on Life's "What If" Moments

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Reflecting on Life’s “What If” Moments 🌌

Dear Client,

I hope this email finds you in good spirits 🌟. I’ve been engrossed recently by Marvel’s “What If…?” concept, which paints alternate realities by pondering the question, “What if?” With the attacks on Israel last week 🕊, I have found myself asking over and over again, “What if?”

Every one of us faces pivotal junctures in our lives. For some, it might be the decision to move countries 🌍, leaving behind familiar sights and sounds for an entirely new chapter. For others, it could be transitioning between states 🚗, each with its unique culture and pace. Choices about marriage 💍, be it the joyous union or the painful decision to part ways 💔, profoundly impact our life’s trajectory. The past week got me thinking, and I felt compelled to share a personal reflection.

In the summer of 1998, I came to the US 🗽 on vacation as a green card holder. Instead of returning to Israel, I made the spontaneous decision to stay and complete my undergraduate studies at Rutgers University 🎓. This choice paved the way for me to attend law school, where I met Kim, my partner in life and business 💼.

Reflecting on Life's

Had I chosen differently, where would I be today? Would I have pursued law in Israel? How would my path have diverged? 🤷‍♂️ often wonder about the sequence of events that would have unfolded. When I decided to stay in the US, it wasn’t just my future I was shaping. My brother and my parents eventually made the leap across continents ✈️. Would they still have done so if I had stayed in Israel? Given the current conflict in Israel, it’s surreal to think I could have served in multiple wars, perhaps even the ongoing one.

Additionally, I left behind a relationship with a wonderful woman from Argentina, who many believed would become my wife. The vast distance between us became an insurmountable barrier for our relationship💔.

Life’s journey is filled with crossroads 🛤. Some we anticipate, while others take us by surprise. While it’s intriguing to contemplate the roads not taken, it’s crucial to remember that our choices make us who we are today, no matter how big or small. While regrets are a natural part of reflection 😔, embracing our present path and learning from every experience is vital 🌱.

I share this not to dwell on the past but to encourage us all to cherish our unique journeys 💫, recognizing that every decision we make shapes our lives and those around us. Let’s embrace our choices, learn from them, and always move forward with hope 🌈.

Warm regards,

Andres “decided” Mejer

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