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Para Ser Legal: ¿Qué ocurre si es detenido mientras conduce en estado de ebriedad? (02-25-19)

Para Ser Legal 02-25-19

En este episodio:

¿Cómo afecta su estado migratorio? ¿Sabía que New Jersey es uno de los estados donde más aportan los inmigrantes? El abogado, autor y conferencista Andrés Mejer le explica todo esto en el programa de hoy.


Andrés: Will not go. I think it. Would be. BETTER. FOR YOU TO STOP. THEY SAY. DID YOU GO AHEAD. . SO SAY WHAT I JUST SAID. Good Shepherd love Anthony Anthony tantrum Glenda gimme office. I see what I’m thinking.

Andrés: Sighs I don’t know what to did that didn’t notice. Yes. Now I know what you must have on a noise game over Jersey. In it Daniel Escalade that the Internet of dreamers Monday but it will me only maybe you and I in the needle in a you love field and set up parade. But even worse he got it.

Andrés:  My problem is so what I see. Look proxy whining starts with a lot of kids ethos.

Andrés: He meant it indicated the world is different than you. But I mean didn’t give it up though. It’ll tell some details Nova jersey yet you let the to the other three seniors in the second idea. I bet Timmy now that Odyssey though inG.D. I mean that is Sunday at Rutgers this year tossing Quinn to do the antics to the underling rockers see it on my this is symptomatic media laws and thought that it is civil and University of New Jersey courtesy of your atSt. Peters university. My dad seemed to think that those meet with broken County Community College kids CBO might according to me. Does it want to look you get it through the. I mean the a good idea I I you that I look at get up cut.

Andrés: Negotiate. Does he make me negotiate those with it dreamers indicated in the public eye. He let me die. Casey let me talk you into this. You got an idea you go back and get a look now take a look at using or or now we’re noticing is specific I meant to look a yard getting darker.

Andrés: So we took a look at CNN. Well if you can see not in darker I almost want it to be a cat. Well if you count depend in a programming then I can do better in the can it is but it is a group Washington. Look at the Dreamers listen you notice that the poor the ineptly got a product.

Andrés: You see me that I have. So I will know as I went to the opera.

Andrés: No. No company gives him a wallet hub with every solo sequin taste it titles but bit more immigrants I think to a out in love a jersey as Numero this and tell us can lo gave me this until effective policy DiVall in the economy to displace the California New York so open and dump me for you on Anthem at the end of a tough week in New Jersey and a number of threats on the whole movement on Libya though the aspirant of the threat is so significant thing.

Andrés: Inclusive as a society will throw it out the window. I did Matilda did it in particular time was all done with the money fund. What actual cost was that.

Andrés: Why eat more if that means that you know that the Trump if the handle or commonly move customer kind of an actual affect that would be on this date it meant that I would have come up with a somewhat immediate threat.

Andrés: Senator amend this to into a title yet specific I that would take it up meta ice get it must the NATO put up must come up but up until that point that a mass sent it he must come as demos vendor must come and look at that. And CNN’s Kyra since ecosystem without it like the ice come a kid ICE cannot know my handicap when process started all my friends complain that it’s just like there little leopard I went out on the specific comment that Senator Mendez he where no one is to be known and the new middle of the cavernous ice kiddie I mean it’s equal get be the end on. Yeah. NSA must oatmeal must they look at aU.S is done in the ritual or does it sit this GOP now or no knowing through your mutual guys.

Andrés: That’s okay kid. No no no no mother does this give me that affinity aluminum they come as noise it’ll concept principle.

Andrés: It’s elementary that kid that me see on own real Kit Kat kit Trump. That’s at the top though immigrants. Creamy knowledge puntos solo unlucky image I moochers I can see as easy to delete kid capitalism. I love the public eye knows gay line at the castle. As head of them and in this put it a comment that you can it you so a specific committee enumerate. That’s here to commit the money and what I should know Davis said that other common agreement out at that own contextual and of a jersey money underbrush noise from agreement is one infraction. If said you look consequences and said it will not play the card supports your temple at the same mess does not notice insignificantly better Italian over Jersey now can see the command did it on my own. NEWMAN Let us look at Senator Menendez somebody sent to us meetup back with Obama the approach that is part of the partnership. Many underbrush shows you don’t want to go public when it is nice when cream the Valencia not affect the effect that throws out to see to an accident as he looked down at the altar. Though of course as the CNS Ramona Bradshaw is friendly to the team to run the soloist which is when it’s kind of fun to watch the no ice cream in thatU.S No I think that the authorize you put this in detail. More that David recipe for cancer. David David is a real possibility that this elite that turns you on people who are unsuccessful can also ultimately come into the port out of Buffalo the Trump frequent them into knowledge then fiance that none of this unsullied their detention she will no longer control uncomfortably under what actual our severe pain circumstances. So to a simpler jugular attempted by William and under what actual keen sandetc. It’s a ludicrous to get to either. She’ll see me that’s going to get oh my problem eventually convince her fiance to supervise the delivery of that fiancee see Denny category opinion to them and if what actual moment for NATO that they went to get a castle as distinctly better let lay there money under what I your solo some creaming the Valencia noise prop your value though yes. Going to kill similar thoughts attend to the I said Phyllis I can’t offer the context of.

Andrés: I think it anyway. This. Is. A great program.

Andrés:  Not title they do have a jersey noise when the lintel Punto differentiates immigration and they fill it up. Yeah my the sequence that tells let my unit at the loss loss. Consider my hand to watch a little bit of Nova jersey. NOLA consider on the little inlet I sort of press on we simply in North Texas Dallas Texas and increment dimension under what actual did I we show a killer in Nova Jersey is to get a seat if we show a satellite to the west.

Andrés: No I didn’t say that though say so now skip with an Opie not could probably not go to a solo on quests to see an over Jersey look can you conceal the little. In question. Not quite unless a solo that in force. And gain a friendship.

Dancing. Yeah. Right. My problem is put it over mucho pity that’s in which is an ode to most onions.

I avocados get offended I had to call my customer no actual get em most queasy you get em most not get em most get it with ten total others you should know my mentee and I wondered did that Alito’s own request send FOCA solo inL.A. If we show publicly saying FOCA and cape I saw little doctors eat their diets. Ian this indeed.

OK see let us go up to the demo try to get a definition to committee or agreement. If so all I into is this issue with your political cuando in Cusco and the money and what actual a solo il w kids he.

Lay it on me in the sea the lost battles is already finished the wife with your beautiful daughter. The FEC cannot access them on the hands of what I call a luminous cape with their most decoded algo a convincing inquest can create good public e much of the Lost quest cases in cases of any kind of natural and fiscal incentives is its deficit better lawyer message or less a wonderful language.

Whichever let’s say one the party the electoral program. But most are black specific I. Case on Al goon of the lamb I need a comma not with a gun I don’t catch about a hundred actual case on the defense s mass communities. Biddle I’m thinking I will say so. Persnickety in it put it into somebody may have shown us sort of the lethal so kind under what I tell me that the animals will liberal get a specific amount in cuts with the money under what actual dominant animals who liberal gamblers perceive specific committee look communist but. But I say look I like what it’s on the subsuming it does as you look at it.

Copy that. This was leave. So Toyama knows Trump yo yo yo yo yo settle today settle Cinco and Quentin lost in Facebook and a back into this mic allow. Well yeah that was heavy. I mean if he spoke it up with elaborate wouldn’t you Si si si look at the simple look of the Tamils any.

Andrés: Momentum rather dainty Facebook just let see. Yeah. My mother only really the this super gizmo that gets it that the Super Bowl that way.

OK don’t say it but I actually started thinking about them and wondered what actual if he’s got a gimmick get him off that game. Kassie No I do that. We did easily forget it. Numero uno. That was money handle. Now and coming Republican. Newman of those getting us money handle. E Tell us about the influence of drugs or the alcohol. Sober in the meeting in New Jersey s a limit to settle or chill. Killed in Syria so it’s so elevated. I’ll call in to report and to some degree. I am with you. My name is Gabe but a very water quality live well they are a core principle meant to trace it must communist ass and so plot a new now quick get the arrested or throats you note that in an accident it was a ticket to second sight less angry and sloppy dull or dead. That’s the reason to bring it does it. All of this was stress do you think it said in a telephone that this was my net us but that the model S you own while that truly valid. I’ll call into somebody. Our love perimeter is adequate that will double the money under what actual to an event they’ll call important that particular consequences come yet. I trust Steve Ellis puts it all up to the s Punto. Yes up to Kingston it is place must win tickets. E meet at the Queen. The one I just see that wonderful family Montez at American interest Doris Millie Doris can you protest any sort of threats made to sit. Would answer one of that is double or triple it or do I knew. Not one of the two components it would have whatever they had to say. Without it a top. When I suspended truly sincere into threatsMrs. after Daniel or blessed those onU.S LDS on your dependency without go public. When I said when the best woman the syllabus to implemented a codicil in the safe spaces because it taught appended see it’s an upper limit of no consequence. Yes one may not be able to live in the alcohol but did that take me not a case of consequence yes. I mean the point I said instead that when I’m knocking at an outdoor Yeah I’m thinking low apprentice Kennicott supply is really well they’ll call it so limited Loughton not no printing E C naughtiness out or no important Do not play money had seen and it is so a lot of those to subsist a political pick up in New Jersey s was displaced get the quintet could probably not do a thousand. You wrote that the second to sincere moment took it out to Sunday. They might have handled what I took to play this video Cotillard in the way that Tim put out to the rental up and into the castle and set the conditions on where Jersey I think it did would probably know I consequences. Women did it the way they would public eye problem problems.

Wherever you would on your watch with the input.

We look all the police. Put your principle meant to elect title Equis. Get a list provided to Castro in Texas to the US. It’s a look at La la la. You’ll be seeing that. The Dallas quizzes the AOC. Let. The sink look. Go to it. David Bristow broadcasters in this is sent to the US. I no I my in little want to do that to Quatro. Say Smith’s bit of principle I meant it. It’s a bookie. I had problema a little Napoleon content with out of a laboratory you know tell me no suit ready so that the alcohol they allow would mean that they did it. There were no drugs. I mean can I failed to knock. No sorters go get him a proper Ned skill Italian not a little potato. Oh yeah. Yeah. No see the pyramid.

Andrés:Did did did oh let them intimidate I am a different detail. Your kid said My little sister’s castles sent I know what actual gas he told or they use it to model model S and look it. He can know the numbers you like which are they must yell which is they’ll throw it out as I’m on thick with everybody thought. What actually became a lot so noisy to a vote actual or not. AE size seal it up with it then methodically.

That was uncle’s saddle. E money handle.

E affinity at noise it slowly gets you and little hope of immortality.

I would take you up on another fence that inhibited that kind in interest group both these steam tools and primitive this window kit. La Policia. The address soon popped up but added it wouldn’t let us. So this cupcake you will not get a fully secret off the shelf. No I meant it was an establishment to handle velocity that’s so very limited to say would answer or tell us suspended the latter he thrust your data out to you. Vince your truly sensitive US who can either tell us money hand or selected at Alinea. No part FDA now loose or its after all. No. No. Tell. Get. Yeah. Yeah but I know pirates see each other 90 days so so later so this must communist or two looses not one function under 20 depending what she had to play that part out of solo can not take a lot to play or allowed in order to indicate it didn’t get so bitch I’d get robbed beatenL.A. and I would have my head. Don’t say it. See LA soon.

The pirate ticket tip but all we must do is we shouldn’t let them get off easy. Look at all the losers that are functionally elaborate what time was Quaaludes it Andrés Mejer us. Who loses a when they know no sick Katniss is Saudi author never looses Andrés Mejer did attack us in a shelter. It’s so noisy quizzical Trump so nice to give a salute to the free no a dress it delicacy the looser that that focus.

The scene is so not the point but up to the NSA Castle it was the whole I know I do that really no protected no pretty face or you leave me no taller look. To make it.

Acceptable let let’s say Golden Dawn as soon as could not be a suspicious Sufi CMT soon. But I thought of day for money. What does it look like. Shall I say is also so absurd. What’s your note about it. But I want the damage to the seal on the Royal Navy till. If we are to them a truly sincere sympathy by the sea. No I want a they’ll call that reported sick it looks of. If done to torment Darrell for sympathy by this gutsy symbol of the sick. No way. They have lot of clout I mean a lot of clients see northern English. See No I read English. In my God I will boy as he can on island. Glad I meant making it better. Oh don’t say concept.

Is he a detective who was intent on protecting now medical license issues observers observe. What’s your audience. No I meant it. One of the seats salad out of lemons says here. This examiner’s looking this in this noise only got audio. I said let’s examine this. Your recommending my client’s skin no no gun.

A source examiners what came up probably one who said a so-called rezone borough that interrupted our supply this ugly theme to render the lotteries examined if globallyC.A.R. there not enable steamboat but I’m glad they saw it momento before I cross examine the scale of physicality to indicate the most epic I will examine it to indicate the most trouble you see because you’re already with us here on noise prop you don’t elope seriously on this Trump no song prop you know give me the only place I could do it if it did not know as citizens examiners but the in noise and control let out a math problem they wanted to start that at 7:00a.m. the narcos has come up with them on Minami side lap pro I believe that the that forever gay or a low official where they will side contact the good public looks except examine on the lists. I they can not look within by sight of no importance is done what actual Oh no but a simpler indicates from the vertical get to it needed us and then appear on US soil or on or on my father get go symptomatic as units Gallop where they affect our balance here and then also memorial also I believe that they have that they have not I meant to say I much of my then ask yourself where the equity capital and Macau Fremantle kit No I said it’s OK seventies or a coma.

Andrés: Come on we’ve gotta look at every Sam was me you can have a report to the police here. You can have it. Be. You can investigate those Cortina No I meant it. I do fit into that but I want to yes you’ve got the forensics. Yeah I leave l yard in West Virginia.

Do that and open one day Lotfi starting with our actual Ted. Ted Seto getting the work in hotel kennels in temple to settle the civil defense Carter and Cuomo let us know that their Mottaki whatever inevitable given whatever.

But models soberly limiting it so they went to all seven there are some great excitement in the arena or coolness or below non-secular market. Kill off I’ll do it into an adult and they’ll also get an industry because you’re honest goes any momento killer mocking that have a function under a minute a proper Gale examine ChloeSt. Louis see it on a lemonade appropriate e I mucho suddenness came up with it I fact that I would know for the simple C looking at condition this made the you little monster just made a scene that’s bleep with it that Russell Douglas when we get to play the configure it for a simple C I think what she let me Walker you mean you know he told me I’ll go when I’m cheeky about mountaineering it’s the I’ll call you okay. So brand know now so plan to talk to you underrated they look good months after Lam knocking at that gravy send away so that under their saving calculus you open a very wide elevated air let me send it when I see you so plan do you think we’ll let you achieve the canal call.

I’m not a tomato Peter Lawrence will tell us what I said must leave I’ll get a video of it you don’t say it’s just on the defense as Moscow Moon is he going to eat I wouldn’t have him blow and take a look at that we’ll see designator get our blood the whole escape get a look without a modified approach and let’s you that the liquid is Danielle and I will.

Andrés: Well I will go let it be so they’ll continue to call me nuts and you’re a doctor Miles you have to be there all can leap with our head yet to thoughts a little letter come in this tune I a I could probably if we we know consultants e every said most definitely wishes to sue on liberty to all of us immediate to keep us all in money hole when the liquidity of the hole allowed to park yellow for intro complete I’ll call the regular soil out of control upwardly policy and confirm it what actual.

No I do that guitar what actual policy and square then it slowly gets you on the little them attack it never mind they handle all now though what actual now policy I know severe similar to what I saw until you go to liquor here or this place is perceived to kill for a to more it is your not conducive securing on an outcome important to allow to not ever and then do you see it all the time done to handle C allowed to see a lot of not on Dando not to manhandle C having that acceptable out of a movie too much too soon but a year ago I relented like I said they were not out of the way C allowed to attack and then took one a policy a yoga e. It is they love only got persona and allowed to wear laterally put pull a policy of as he could just handle it till I put it that C No this is not a now it impulsively you got like con author persona into an outer into La Casa Iva Sally it will seem like it do not I was able Lucinda don’t it a soon break is when put off on the meantime e f table I will easily OFAC I would probably not suppress it that would just yet to see Talbot actual no s unit I would actually know if she tore up my handle board actual elected no I so LV Vale solo most rather careless about to model in to look semi this can go to work Stoke on locksmiths that are not a motor rocket that I could to see in the where do you go.

I did what I had done. So you know every. I love it so much. I really would do that if I could get in the car. I think I might ask you something for yourself and I’ll take a look at that. That’s I want to tell me. Make you you.

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