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Para Ser Legal: 105 inmigrantes arrestados en NJ la semana pasada (12-10-2018)

Para Ser Legal: 105 inmigrantes arrestados en NJ la semana pasada (12-10-2018)

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105 inmigrantes arrestados en NJ la semana pasada. El conferencista, autor, y abogado de inmigración Andrés Mejer explica que esta pasando y como preparase.


Got it. All right. I believe maybe. That is something you would ever feel. Or see. It did about me. Yeah. I guess that it would set you level that low as it is. Maybe I’ve got this bad article here that. This thing is just need up already.

When are the adult ministers amigos and the radio. Union Facebook Live.

We number is Andrés Mejer the soil and conference Easter outdoor liberalism so remind us you only tell me when time you know what they mean as you on a timeless oil by the large Soviet principle meant to look at ourselves among the Passover kissing until sin got immigrants from the needle and then tell Italian over Jersey Como but I look it up a Sunday it or will. No I say it was under monopoly cartel is so dumb in oil to solo Maryland no Puerto Rico citrus Don said quite good but he did it but I wouldn’t take it again. So what if Facebook book. Not Engle Como accepted am either a numeral principle to get one within a matter of we’ve seen up or no cocoa put on your mother. Considerably better sleep lower jaw or jaw or George or throat reciprocity. Was he kidding. Is he kidding. I said in I one of Tamils we were in that where they set us up they want us over to Facebook and into parking. And this mecca allowL.A. Don’t say Oy get look at them 1 percent. Okay killer keep us out perimeter and we will report okay. Can the same format killer get one gas source. Any rescue on foot on the CDO land you pass out. Wonder if Daniel but I but I spent a lot quality in this sort of October domain. This is yet to tell me no. That is September. So I time was in December same breath was a lone demon model misses lots of e-mails. It’s those numerals I meet up my dick what ain’t I. Those mean castles foot on this city those poor says in its annual it is in middle my soul took up I saw that a life today I could get there and this was numinous could get ice it department homeland security it and collect handle it same for much your own time in order to run a look at an applicant open asylum is not a program I say more so as over land ticket than present tenants in the left one data to say would look into the tail could see the whole Terrace get much better sooner than that they need or hour to get you know three Sundays to trial what do I need to Trump to say I must get tickets and get the needles booking No they cancel the coffee answer I makin tequila thumping into anal processed or they they put us on Yeah mucho AS SOON AS OPERATION. Principle meant they quite gave me an article on Quintanilla one of the parties and you see seated and dissidents No wonder they had solid confidence and data my fussy say coffee answer or your mutual mathy for press I also allow an author’s focusing on his damn yarn you know I say now solicitude it in on you again to went up on it and proceeded to put us on soon what actually kind of policy with any. In quick turn on polemic in a minute and commodity with the latter said India the an opponent pushes the parties you’re quite clear to see to us your Uncle Ken possibly that exceed. But I’ll give you I don’t know that that the the Port Authority is to look it up a sandal there’s a lot of stone this poor kid I must Castro’s at who Ricardo’s in it Daniel can quite get us what the employee Victoria también in Swiss as they meet us here on CNN mucho Menos desk Chris you’re on for a simpler you Martina ticket took us our con Americano yes you want me to come to you so you began to out a CIA leak up out I mean I Camino Pataki your Medici villa residence here depend a commentator tells me this compromise was seen by me so see Taurean pussies that puts you on our e-mail us your own naughty inequality Sean paradigm let us get into a sexuality shouldn’t get on with it and just pass out those quests see implemented these my grave I hope to does it all comes with the potency on the Mondale cuts I mean that’s your product or I’ll visit e proven to pretty soon you cheated on you again I depend on the way temples to put us on when our lust quest is nothin like this Chris yawn but a various discussions I mean that you end up in a little monitor. Si si quizzes I have move just there myself this was castles no less than bonuses have been annual. No one ability to travel but this is the and careless with the system in a moment I mean an equity card mother see the into castles port on your poor cut Swiss or I consequences. No point is said out a catalyst or consequence. Yes no point in will very low castles or threats against us by their consequences continue to say it had to us on it tough for Sun or horses do this sort of Hardcastle escape and it’s not necessary. It’s complicated or will just cause a but in which a person is better put get it to you for Monday to let the animals allow mass they since they enticing cope but it seen to they lost castles they are Cee Lo Lo ne got on a telegram my duty that there was petition for an interesting novel yellow light ground my dear that I’m not anyone I mean come on Prince anthro Castle and so we can get a lily kick inquiry circumstance no qualification no yes so I come the other bartending duty mother sonU.S does I am you as soon as you get to Kansas and see the negroes para ser legal come you get a warranty those million gassy train a single meal fight on Nagato Porter petition us the Acela it almost a blunder they let out a mother it would change the policy into their two castles soon the immigrants there in Salvador Honduras and Guatemala and Mexico in its essence look basis principal main ticket an applicant opera but I see in a land your puffy skull pass out there to service like like differentiate killer cap I solo work okay I’ll go nuts then I put a while on your trust no solo dependent it hits ICL does new guileless a lot also need those kids you know present down castle lantern and with the robot and at that point I think cutting procedures set up while he also still goes for a Templar doormat there’s a comparable local look at the epicenter in California what a treat to have yeah yeah dependent West better I see it just locally that is common person peasant actually a mass castles can also do that is the auto parts that I will soon he owes me more castle present talent and those quest as these seem to whether this will and those this is genius these teams of astronauts Fed is who taught us a similar person but Professor look at that percentile in the momento e it who is in Castro’s the Cuisinart your mucho this see you on a quest but why this he need the career at City city evacuate or not see determined to end or no committed to the place in Thunder too that’s all that is polyester emphasize that we show you this person upon Trump the only man in a pocket team to him a whole quest for sick time again to our own I quoted that bill as your own on it I’m into No.

Ah come ya lads see Shawn key east west in that stimulus you and see you said time to no credibility that would if he put California let loose us in a quarter bless you on no one at Quantico not the one out there that testimonial time Lindau let transcripts you under lock keep us up for a simple civility What is this unity while again where knows the US of you meant in a day now unity or when the s put a on Italy in the Latin inscription no solo there when was the s no V lemonade can personal vehicle in Lemony Snicket I was in Da that we parallel you see you so contactable sit down meet under representative up and well done don’t know or see time in the rotunda let me give don’t let go is important in your quest is I give this you need it so like whatever floats your not DNA is a access or naughty and it is a possibility that he put it is what you will I you on this soon the FEC this delicate the Democrat controlled in the quest is so a road laid out.

No no I never did tell me Nazim in detail no I mean I will not just because one of yours is one facet is all of your request I like your account but a non clerk I saw Gallic I so you seem to it a boon to Kiki’s I said to me that I feel like a piece of it if I sit com provoked e its muddy feel CDC naughtiness I how well yes must si si does in contract whisky to recommend to me again must pretty soon escape whatever taunts it can tell you that it’s important to either enter the quality voice it is tough stupid important thing OK does it so said I most of them are they they are cee lo he was numeral that cameras can see that I provider I would have almost principle I meant it in El Punto the channel sprocket also Blundell there either way that number is Andrés Mejer and so you incompetent sister Easter so you know what they are what the Liberals say they mean. I see on the that Alito’s. So I will go with meet us here on CNN. But I wouldn’t take it and that go pretty wide open Your and now we’ve seen that replay or or jaw jaw jaw set of threats that we’ll see Haiti seeking a massive from us. So I want thing little boy led and believe liberal para ser legal our Oh I mean animals will be seen as an eating town eat commune in Lakewood even in London Whale of a motel in Newark but also at the Mount Popo Temple. Kate is here with almost most notable teachers our campus Alison my professor we know ice that I restore that in your must day seeing specific go into seeing Cinco immigrants and Su Casa and allow Tor and to throw our whole quilt can you gotta keep aU.S for the year on our of Kip I saw it and I happily met a cap I still maintain it as this immediate US assume that on will come to immigrant in Canada that I’m gonna see to direct them into it seem para ser legal suitable doctor on your site I mean for the Obama you about for the Bush Clinton staffers under they forensic is mostly minus Trump a fiscal political come your legless demo. Now this is your own eco meter solo in its circumstances lab policy a local or he either left out or whether it’s a hurricane immigration keys so I said many forensic and killer police here say in Foca in prayer we need Kliman e in control of criminalist e action as they meet us here on the port your only Loretto so no actually C release. No no no monkey Trump told me that it’s some criminal that at to use I won’t get and I never meant to indicate no intro scene put me so also of so. OK. I am a hologram romp Yo when I lay on a regular patrol I thought a prince who admitted noise from Dili to allow me n get to entrust that important you regress US scene to some treatment soon went well there is no ice some cream it is one infraction I consequence yes but some cream. Yes a lady financier does a fiscal public good that you see in the mirror similar to circumstance. Yes but my use that ice no does it. Ice and see not that it the either.

E Does impunity cancel the view into mythical capacitor they must show and little community that don’t say you’re a mere poser you don’t believe moles or allow more so I’m a horizontal tomato below until I was me was seen a young man a policy a policy a yoga lie where you are you’re under will appear tomorrow to see me the.

Wait a second like I said eleven or in the restriction I would keep I Sir I am a hundred proximal the we’re not commenting on a possible new up again. No not to keep it all in a moment. It’s time I know Hala. Well I’m an Iraqi. You’ll attract a moderate approach. You don’t see it that either the lost Gallegos came up also maintenance and say in certain circumstances the police here could give people who are not cargoes. Ian is it safe to assume Ian up with he died but then act accordingly. Yeah. You authenticate that he’d be lucky you not get it at a time when you can somebody. Yes we’re so natural to say anything we look us as one to separate my father or eliminate a boon to us to see my genetic or yes or parcel. Well you know you may I take that on this post. I get it that the weirdness or aloofness. Look I got some pretty though it WD did sort of delete all the quotes stupid or you know just because I’m up you could look at what I mean we now today sorry we’re no see so you mean that in way to put ice dealing detain detainer you get to see that. So it’s also the whole deal because you only get ice to the Isle of Wight the carousel is you know meta look at Amazon investigator IMAP look this is it the case law mounting does that any other poor quadrant they or join us. The that according to watch orders but one thing we thought it along me a cokehead e Transfield that insulin they made us so we know our lo menos K Mako Saturn. Okay so good probably they will cream in cereal but I wonder that they might answer it did they realize you’re on the abuses X what if you didn’t see them Atika more importantly you in fact sometimes don’t look went and on what actually not going to see an order director put a camera up or clean up I gave Malta s a no go into that initial circumstance yes like I said no move on anything it no move on a month I need that in either solo but I can make it easy on where they’re into in theory tell me.

It sounds very. They won’t do at. If can’t see that. Damn. You make me a little.

No need to tell a policy know I’ll conduct on the last lap the point. I you that that is also. The day when any official put a simple operation say we will tell you an immigrant in a low Menos get sober it when everything is young criminal detention and co-host talk on policy I guess that ability to put a principle meant no move on a TV telecast at Domino’s get even more welcome come comatose save are really sad and lost the ask for total better land where that is to give me the money. How do you mean that you own it every time.

I miss you so only mean only to let ego Alamitos me and Forman e receiving me put me so a screen door key in in Endo could look at Tennessee and look him one in three Tad keep your Indian doc in obligatory yo perky oblique winnerU.S e community indicating that it will buy the new now percent to see your female document.

Inform undocumented the stress causes or women. I mean the other. Does it and this is circumstance here that they have had in theory that the NSA only got audio only friends here.

Is he not going with you. Kliman said you know we wanted to end it and put corporate meet us on. Does it give us some kind of escape. What. It was your uncle. Okay let the title onus you that when I’m with you. Everybody that does either. Saima no Vamos whatever. How could you meet us here on in the Iraqi auto sister lesson.

Don’t say meet us here on Yana political cut in the car. Does that indicate cut into Gaza and to travel. Oh that didn’t keep it out in the car. You put toys out its must FEC but meter as he wanted to. Did it linger. Does it have a bit of evil mass on your seat in it so great.

Don it’s the stars Don Davey this will keep Philippine President Al Gore became part me gas for the visa. When these human Democrats got sick want on my team pull but all not as blessed.

I will not only pick to simple super winter to relocate all year to Mondo Quatro annual stasis to up exactly the same as though we’ve gotten to see you all the time on this human domain. Yes your tour to a boon to the received notification or with a proviso or can a certain muscle for my students so radical don’t say Chicagoan economy rescue in between an estimates the proxy war is always thought to Mondo antiquarian Toyota 6 are seeing quaint collateral misses. Take it serious or whatever on your side Quattro a new medium depends economist could also be b composers get smaller than theS.M. visas. Alan u e little castles the levees are all communal castles the activity in San Quentin will get its Valois its all Grupo SPSS airspace a sadly that builds on so green card. There is some kind of method I’ll get it. Solo is a loophole of the associate looking personas. Gravy sand castles. The levees are not allies. It is my temple. No I know I also mean it up and up under the seat of onto my now Temple. Better Philippe and quite candid yet quite a mess. Yellow David I see we rescue poor super winter.

Don’t say it. Look it up I find another jersey when yucky Magnus you know pointed to it in in. Not give when I said that when I got there when I like I said Do I need to go through a whole day when I am proud of. It cannot handle it it so look it up I send the e c this school board in Cape Town will come to Andrés Mejer it better and really Andrés Mejer it and Quentin and Marcello make it. You might say Look at me.

You mean you can wear on your Speedo my hair gets a little yes you make it onto cane toad scene but me so okay ducky in lukewarm menthol I alone I mean if you get us your now order No so long time for though in that they need to start a lap and sauna and get a candle.

Does it keep us as a you’re going to mi casa Jenny McKinney to keep your cool when you have Tara is to the university that you could not do a single which often when a CASA Matilda to keep me as you until heard of the latter part I mean your you’re not a you’re not good ditto La La Porte that again contact de la Renta if he gets you an entire hour I kill you and I said but I say we thank God that paints or not NASA TV show you know and I play with that as you may ranted that he compromised so it seemed to me so what I meant to Barbados see this cool brain get on the kissing by me so love unethical kid you either one of thing it is to look it up I send your book out to you another point this said a I need a fast insulin I catch you okay.

Joseph I saw so but I want to convince you to boil water to prevent those who put your power in place does he think all those equals in me record Olympia power to control the illegal police on Napoleon Loreto does a pencil came a tap but it will thunder so break wallops you’re on to tennis window look at to me this is sort of thing it equals a key as in the case of a lot of several beneficial beneficial to me this year in Kentucky Yes I just keep saying you maintain your system Poco no solitaire that is option dynamic animal very what quality record up I’m ahead of with the victim whether Valencia the domestic go or they will cream an ambulance here and the hood reducing your standing in his to EMI or the CEO trying to have a deal on you as you point out pick up oddity and the whole you know the two seniors a 29 people the necessity dad Kensington are you there medical I’ll go said you or are you that in Aquila as a to the air so two teenage son Camino put up with a ticket tequila tells me use it I say we let it sit ins here because Don Sanchez’s book with the FEC this week this PCV come into while obscure to DNS C now medical people you seem very worried to subsuming see get us Monday Tom it’s okay decimals when I see that yeah my loafers seem that simply George or George or Joe said not or see it there or the Mondo copy I mean he look at a time yet not to recoup it that they don’t put it on the teleprompter Wait a minute I yell exert that is a possibly that I that I’m glad I pay less maybe you’re the one who cannot subsidize a speciality where no I am when chance to say I’m willing to put all those pocket yes or no but as soon as I can with anything let me put it want that it is placed today somewhere I team up or get out of somebody that I hit that real high schooler that was I can take great these equal what they pay they are you that you ever need to get a reporting concept considers you under the power of the port does your empire look in your son president are not the polarities later this sounds pretty middle east they they so they put this on maintain a note with to indicate that they need it Dennis get it Kita rented it with a DNS getting in with you Yeah they don’t do the AC w Kinect game water what causes principalities or not does the killer tell money is Tanya’s symbol or is will not win a persona of people in with mental dress kit. No I see no disqualified cargo port all screaming oi you Machina take a look when they’re on good public the money hundred what actual load basis and ultimately assignments when you need to know the issues the league dos deliver this quality car total meant it properly got paid or LMA couldn’t notice what happens when I’m not at my hotel on you again put a simple t What is it. Yes I’mU.S when a persona no code not equality colourful but an important not the with the con they know they are with an equal vigor Quatro Grande accepts you know to free me into a toast meaningless in it I was one the two seniors who to the potential attending pointed to a poser with two spiders pretending as says you are not or I sent a letter telling me that you’re seeing me on that day that they will need you to keep it downU.S me quoting it necessitates a speciality. Come on Examiner I won’t talk. Don’t say you’re playing with I’m like this on you’ll see making commit mutiny on it. Well it was flaxseed they got to eat just maybe cause they want to heat those calories. I bet it’ll be someplace else. Put a document that I get to work nothing once it’s nuke if we add it up. Perfecto day one of that letter said you know it’s automatic go No it’s flaccid. No no it out below that about three quarters in granules below us equity Intermedia young naughtiness LTM more key means as you tell you how to put a yes that’s in process or go more say no. Alexandra Joseph Young Malouf we’ve seen that people torture or torture said all three and said oh city Yeah yeah please come was pretty rather mean to specific I meant to call more where this initiates a process or numero uno he qualifications new one of those CIA I’ll go into antecedents get a qualification bought him plot taken down enough from theatre on CNN’s is threat yet to report our plane let’s say. Yeah yeah. Yes. I mean I read another part of you that I’m a horror author Guy that castaways this seem to super important it and content to call novel elk is in folk anime that’s you know Nancy stand there No no Daddy or I will go principal minty I’ll go cowboy to solo world to play like that because I will help with you could courting again in parallel I’m not to play that connection will not add your little boy any recognition to keep up to me to communicate immediately on to your car in New Jersey Yeah no it’s flaccid but aU.S to play no go kart in the Carter Center as a capacitor it will lift the gag and that it the policy didn’t didn’t see on a scene from last year on a perceived look at me as wanting access or you put us would do so divine But add to that a la casa wanna eat at you gotta throw our hook more cap I said Oh I’m your sponsor or that policy you mean this you in yoga Sierra little Guardian piece something we tell a total noise level no I live in the state of Tennessee and the yellow one as it does a case that I’ve hit that rock it out up here to you present a chicken was I said no no pussycat if annual Ian Inglis knew it the left to bury my brother well he informed Katie and it’s when I will tell you keep it to the dangerous principle meant it get to Dennis hill that ain’t your unknown quantity but it does seem too I will present it to NOLA that’s paid me so in third to Gaza Oh God got to persona or two all top do not know the assassin tried alone may not get DNA. Or then feeding them out of the bottle with no one officer I mean that’s when DNA gets in West. Is it all an interactive e-book. Got take a I started into Gaza a lot closer to those ordinance captain and Prince Clemente. No song for you man upon request Lieutenant give a Latina gift he might dedicate a second to normal it didn’t get any circuit teens early next year. Technically we said okay if the female put this no point does he get a particular book then I’ll back that up with the E to tell the truth I will look into it and you will pretend to see it like they are. They did it. I hate it but I get to skip us to 0 8. What does he mean as you when you got to Gaza. Yeah. I media stumble kind of net persona he didn’t say anything until those contort a bit you know to quote your me that it just you know I look on TV making it all closer. No. Gets to pass up border tech on diesel is super important that they need to be supportive in cuts of equal care across the border. Not a thing that’s continual. Poor kid. See you make it easy on them to pass a poverty if they can obtain a visa or they can order this central level or they can get this information and tell us to leave the seven document out that one of the ten it Byron but I will but it would take quite a lot of sediment obviously not one I any downtime with those intelligent access routes that train de cinco whose two allow their Monmouth Mall e Lakewood Temple San Jose Antonio say Segundo signaled that coming know who to allow them to walk in your own restaurant fantastic all the way on your days as Ryan Lopez I mean when would Jojo. When a comedian says that he will visit one of his you know who to allow this or says book problematical better the and Kathy seemed to import while getting pissed on that kid.

Get it out there a hater De La Hoya gratis no Cobra tell Amanda toU.S Cena did almost no who don’t have anyone else to subsume instead of letting him take it out he’s not getting any better consider when I’m the COBRA a mandated tail that I hate that in India is guaranteed and get the hell off my property you need the cobra not that I’m under Seabees in rubber jersey. Super important it too. Kono CEO’s getting a guy like that get the international benefit you but I mean it too is implemented by a get to step up to the dangerous book.

Edit momento bus attack of you also. I’m a. I love my nana Trump tomato or that I have to. Yes your choice what I see. Either you honestly need to quit to nominate that Gonzalo super important whitelighter hater. I’ve seen the Kinect recorded out to the Red Cross that in English even if I knew all but I see it still oppose the policy. Your play started calling me that’s your. Look I get it. It’s me. It’s important to me by the party we get it but are not carried out a little thing to the commandos. They then do that act and I see me into a lot of guys. I’m not going to go out to keep Parsons to give us a set of good game for Saturday plan yet in case of getting the needle getting the volume for my kill Lavoy. That means documents. Do you know whether you’re up at 8. I’m not in control Dad. The Tardis Academy going to and Saturday. Oy. This puts Clinton at the needle. It’s mutual Matthew. Yeah yeah. Too familiar. Kitten and guess it is so it means a delicate probe about a coma. But nobody’s going pay the rent a condo to it does. It’s an either or. CNN can’t get it in either your nominee that 100 will keep PepsiCo Coca-Cola genius capacity lost by this standard they need or maintain to keep Asarco no Nene yours. Well put this report out for they legal then let me tell you that I’m tired or familiar as a colonial the liquidity of our lack Willa access I to squint at a bank Vanguard you’ll see and is that you put a second digital lobby the psychological toll the way Sorkin came in beside amplify that. Oy oy vey they gonna turn it down either Park. Yes when pickle they must yell What are they. Yeah yes I’m pulling my old persona I know you I’m a horror to to move to a poser or to a puzzle and because of two paths I’m a hoarder too primo but I can see what the naked can go to they’re so similar to Daphne out pretty paranoid North penalty momento meant in the eighties and one look at Thomas oi immigration one in particular. New Jersey I come your lemonade stands that our hunger a nice one in triad enforcer but at that top but only know it’s one of us I wouldn’t get one if someone of this place get if he’s got political come your a lemon in a Q and A I had a nice ice Diego sexy mother seen personas as an attractive it’s a super positive don’t say Attila Proxima Toto let them judge us which are sweating quite yet but it wouldn’t nicotine in Yemen overseen that’s a blow job or jaw jaw jaw set of threats see here to solo this uncontrollable cocky conceit that the name also Xena in town in Lakewood our land you’ll keep you any damn yarn Belmokhtar in Newark but so what the one I would notMrs. this is a toss felice navidad The Onion Well adios SLR proxy my stepmother Luna’s underway Maria adios.

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