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Para Ser Legal: 28 Notarios citaron en NJ, una nueva decisión sobre DACA 11-12-2018

En este episodio:

28 Notarios citaron en NJ, una nueva decisión sobre DACA, Trump sigue la lucha encontra asilo, y más en este episodio vivo en la radio con el conferencista, autor, y abogado de inmigración Andrés Mejer.


This is you’ll notice when I sort of put into that you’re here in moment K K Trump to mostly Sean or Sean were the November they can look at these with a legal killer or killers so don’t say I lace internationalists e I list they’ll base Kowloon so but it Cee Lo I contract those killer those who need those and in Tirado con also spices in Kilmore uplift God Como except that Gwenda accept UN can take immigrants give you an MP the NGO put out Cee Lo Eli Lake give a coaxial teleport volatiles fromU.S you for free Milo but also present president of your mounting these sit idle again get in through a lot also needles and a little more on your where they are please God but I see look at almost a quarter that I didn’t know La Familia they actually look a mother own people put out to the mother mother I see in Hindi DalE.L. McWhorter former get one the one with the opera Largo will not receive a letter they said NCA will not know this place.

I also was getting ready as I also subsuming this port order Northampton for Kendall and I didn’t get this CNN troll also in throws a simple you go out to the support of your yoga e Blundell Coleman of Seattle they mean that’s your visa you’ll get up look up at the ceiling always simulate persona interlock also needles in proximal on your oblique up but I see low or I’ll get kicked into the illegal seemed better me e Durant there is a premium on your that cuando intro applicable but I see look there’s a look at Trump because these I mean I know salt throws a lot also was so needles knocked him most accidentally migraine this so creamy not less on Dan three and this was Berliners don’t say solo Look it’s depressing thought on our NCL enough alone data in Toronto live got a minty boy then Napoli cod but a icy look out at kick it up see this will indicate to put you on it but I’ve noticed this was over you better get past the Coalition ticket then get you gone.

So would it make you quit when I used up with any e present that would say and put a simple web they into other border up border San Ysidro I mean I moochers identify saying that as owner I in California but a boon to this guy well enough alone data I knew God then only supported synthetics it believed Intel also needlessly assuming humans you could optic up at us pseudo Trump key so you leave me not tor those laws KITT does not play Kendall can no suppress internal leg I meant it out ASAP ordered an executive a buggy Commodore look at the Trump it’s all in order then move Porco of twelve men to see the latest case will lay low yes I would guess at present other than Congress or that feed model that present dial up roll up a lot.

Those comments represent us on the congressional ideas plus staffing model border unprecedented one order then deal policy then two on it meant that not the noise lay not the end and we will put it simply they leave me not fussing meant it put it open or throw a precedent it does look in the same map albeit at a late you every other seat your boy yet you need me not you mean I mean sad lost kept within aptly got it but as see law order is the Auden no cover will keep us all looking to get up in a court of law you can tell and guess how you with the mentally ill immediate them Ivy up one does so very bleak as you application they look a legal battle itself it itself also in November it e immediate them into will group aptly cut on kill them I mean I get to see inconsolably to precedent it solo. No. Where did that on order then. Case in contra the lake up Paul Congress. So if you’d model put unprecedented to notice only no players I said look at two kidneys. E inD.C. New Haven in November it Eliquis John to God in throne order then by Randle for third base. No but underlying implement a C on the side regular. Kick it a to see this so killer Lacy get look sympathy. SIEGEL Gaylord and the president is illegal in no simply with this committee. You know little pat on the back in a welcome way to butt out. If they order the list and put out your Durante lump and didn’t see others who cancel peddle Dale Cassel in time Lakota and contra Trump billion who is the you know they’ll Como and pick up aloud. It’s a no so specific game ended up like. So Novell Cuomo to play this game not a precedent you know executive will anything other then it’s totally meant to in contra let me know here to play it well if you got a hold up whether come yet below my netiquette Kita no sip with it in force up about a contend in the public phone security decent Carcamo almost certain that immigrant immigrants key applicant but I see law seen a very separate Santiago enough run data cut on you sit in the meeting or a lack of other time coming. Knowing that I’ve done a single mean I bought a pot of soup with them in the pocket like out of one of you and it does it. But it represented the cookies said then the meal puts on us no one up or that applicable elsewhere. So opinion. So this is your own illiquidity over into law rich asshole. Out to keep us so I yet notice you turn up which I will not notice hospital the intimacy meet on this my macros with meaningless by this consumed by their house or solos that thunder the entire border it bought it in San Isidro e Northern the HunterS. pre middle la policia Mickey cannot that that on their part utterance so to use him without an alter Lou God e the laws of which I as a means from the truth I also need those customs border patrol man Latino on Gus’s luckily McKinley’s my moccasins was seniors I know a simple code is equal or. You know leaning googling Dixie on guitar with that model Catania and Adams can take a look at the Cardinal Egan see implement a lemon that led to out and it is a gas but it can no entering sit out on is it. It’s a little got into all right. An internal look at Times of London tend to thunder they interrupt ligament ligament an illusion you see you’ve be seen. To put this beneath the applicant in NO SIT ON THE HEAD OF SO LOOK AT THIS IN BETTER LEFT photos could you a veto note represent tennis or meta. You’re not to a do not do we tell ya. Pete on Phoenix Yeah that was a blunder. You know quantum you’ll end up with Belafonte with a set of quantum tenants with now is going to use and rally that see Korean Kim committed Valencia. Not that I’m too familiar media la la la la la la. Not to look at our top look at bossa.

Don’t say that I immigrants get tiny bit under a laminate up rupiah but we cannot pick other policy low if done Juana. PoorMrs. my minus or misses in Gaza. Nada. And you know come in shelter on the whole Kampala our well I delivery meant any luck on these units.

No son I mean but I’m not you e our that was which are low key element for if they meet this young Trump liver the liver for Sara K you’ll say given in Mexico after guess who Council say I proviso put all this out support to what our news but my Miss has been the animals I want to see me into I’ll go impress your 19 mother with me on the Castros and if the momentum is muscle nobody look at a back with Obama.

You also blow this was poor mucho multi-year bill. I’ll finish a simple othersU.S in this case. I mean to see an angel opera bullshit or 10 billion dollar my castles castles can’t CEOs and other cut literally let me know this. I’ll whisper to sit out of castles then are Brando castles Quijano. If we were to the castle until he said Adams maintains to uproot Percy tor then innuendo must castles in process will then put us on or quite get up like us here on Cuban immigrant asset no importance yet equal or no. Maintain a c c c set him all narrower but a simpler you might yield to kill again a political operative in my rhythm under a chicken but put quite those who live in a single item on the port authority. Quite as indulgent I says look we need Gallop it is your only opponent on prices to put us on but I’ll go illogical it I mean it. No I Lou got it but I wrote in the momentum and it led me to sit on it.

I would have a moment took you an optical e McKenna ticket with no qualification. You don’t go near going to parole board decided not to know no other or no surveyed maintain a policy on it or bicycle. I would attempt to put the show on it AC Castle. What about animals. No one ever really said Castle. Oh no I mean that’s your own little queasy until quest but I didn’t see that persona of bleak up quality figure but it’s a beneficial. And you said the lobby on their behalf. I laughed until they meet us you don’t get it. Possibly there would be satisfied petition e so we’ll see sit on you again. I wasn’t until his does what I guess was kitten in large quantity. I am I wanted to see me into. I will impress your 90 e Trump lickety get a cat tore it up and so on and get that done within Trump Frontera in lemonade up rapier carpeting in Mexico out.

You’re not so lucky in Mexico. By this Eve Sodexo soup with them into I love it or not at a global knock where they open up against sorry.

Yeah I was a bit under but I can make you go back up better but I said. But at the border they’d gay yellow cake is what the American three meant the intercept is done.

Don’t. My vid looking up outside of your mental momento case of Mosul whatever I’m looking for model to look at simultaneous the programmer put us or the demos at the programmer get a viable border a boatload of Facebook and the mesh allow upon my life we see Nancy Pelosi or George George or seductress Seattle City Aussie kid getting up at a to get a good look on death to our eye in vivo Yama Noynoy said Orgill Cinco cinco said oh no way into space or c not siempre when you My Lord we see that they blow your jaw jaw jaw set of threats that I see it that you know that animal sentimental Poco must provide a government.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I know but as a plane within our local Miguel boy then communicate and for those of you know Paula web for Facebook but I said lunacy to put in between whether legal or para ser legal game or prepare a gay King Abdullah specific I’m into I Lebron I want to come up with a coincidence that just laid out I would at least does a line for must you only hit at this ticket to see this look on Salter illegal not the way I cover out the little boy see implemented your kid.

Okay gather immigrant sit bar so soapstone is a moment to gain control will soon come you know I play a contractor but a facilitator I think I mean no better apprehended they’ll cut me no good at this hour to keep but to say good bye sir. See

I wanna know where the entire Mexico e Trump e a thousand needles EOC migrants. Secure then in Mexico attack a ton of bravado put on Quest parental until thousandU.S Kip. Well I those Camino spring sea palace gave me migrants get done in Toronto.

It’s a present enough Frontera or Peru compromise is seen by me so within Khalifi he. But I could ask a lot also needles or NSC lo see whom though as immigrant epistle is part of holiness. He could apply bloody to say wound up put it in momento. Poor kid. No legacy see. Katherine Aquino tells him Needles again is mine all the way into an unused get assaulted or get up end to end. I’ll get all the court to give way Abu Sada abandoned other old month other. Oh no this was father’s kicking to see this so there. There they I see look looking at him more I think it is Saudis who placed in it the more killer one to talk that grew up on the carousel. Abu Salafis come into it but it’s a multiple. I also read as he took a bit of a legal bicycle I see what you think of the moderate its base when you may not your home in your SO may not that so dependent. In Al again you know I in Islamic politics. Your thing will take more think the satellite that’s only fathers put kebab under nutter. Nathaniel Cassar may shadow or if we Abu saddle Mata out on candle off we might startle you know their this. This will leave Alice. I want to see you take it out. Then didn’t a lot I will show need those TokyoL.A. inquests came in their own order then see indoor swimming order that many of them into an unused toys hotel also. I guess it’s not like us out of place in any hospital not like us ours is simple to get that dependent. In trust. No I meant it is only me by this but a player said in the court they appointed Elgin kid. He might tell you then look identical Toyota mi Quatro. We abandon other Abu Sato or month teleport over them is part of this single case so you know when I persona e loyalty Mourdock is he took a noise in me. In today’s added Inglis at Army base or a statement to more is just one one what he will get no regrets out of Panetta let one ECA monitor possible opportunity I could think of King County laboratory that I could do with yeah big oil boom toys C not to enter a thousand needles not with a happily cut but I saw it move up put it they need all knobs you on automatic I meant to kill I lay me that a candle I then thought they looked at will will need those gas it is so poor SOI immigrant.

You mean the extras. I look at which I think the cornerstone bit Ocado will know their weakness it may not do that. I wish you better know I know that most of the lengthy that quests they mean that’s your own represented well not whether they’ll go we’re not going to let that thought the more track it or to it is simply meant that we’ll up to say is see me lot Aquino over Jersey Cassie let me. No no you don’t see me lot. See you only if both sides separate though it’s my opinion the but the net Koto the other leukemias your oh you said mean Marquis s then let me must see to us your e Port Said Moti will see not take you into law tell us needles no not deposit you will carry into the material will not but I wonder what I will ultimately make us for the visit wounded giving them and to say no Mathilde put it on a silver platter not a pull air a total pocket my visible but terrible dawn no better than Philip it you not how in see you intend to put it into applicable policy so open an oblique open and put it on window lemme book it levees o Latina came what are K K S add me sublevel a thousand needles and papers on it per capita though Nancy I wonder rests on book it will not as in me sadly don’t say e seem very to put this you on Philippe you see no medical take was the FEC to see you McCain a ticket to infect him in order that to apply got it Vacca e Newt got two we think he seen fit me so you know another little one item afford to miss a seat necessities one person better leg grab my jury that the castle’s poor luminous pullover it entitles him pay me so well let s s so look after I when I said that me sadly he put a small table to indicate receipt kit get see we depend on BET on Norma meant it all means that that the and those immediate three seniors I mean us see in Adelaide beside levees I don’t say any certainly so going to you guys at Punto development that are not because you wanted me to do it is not even be subject to as he does from person but what I mean to play an automatic I meant a negative repetition Yeah I often see a little up front to perceive that to play out your Georgia said I said I’ll see to it that I copy to a local. That’s your own lottery resembles the eight that I’m using for my outfit. See. Is better than no. You see on as he does Amanda Mondello my Brunton perceived it to me in my Verity mandated load lower case it does. I’ll see I’ll go market. The animals cared little one did but I get to stay up for a while but yet almost. And don’t forget your trip to the inkwell get a more mental image as your mother said two to two pages you on E. I mean I wouldn’t trust Deborah only to tell me that they’re looking for a little boy that opponents implement and they got e and they got to let Betty Sue on the line up on emphasis to put this on. Don’t say it may be slow but I get it. So we’ll talk about it. But receiving the benefits you get two minutes out to sea.

Well it’ll come your opinion base under a thousand needles a thousand miles without a little CO2 onU.S where they where they can start to separate as well. But I tell you on this other winter a tiny monthly part of this just is to play that card up with it see. See you boys I could you will gallop at a European silk menorah. The SCC spaniels notices up and me sort of politics we’ll see if that is my only issue.

Joining us. Hey look I get it. No it’s helping me so this was by this outlet but I want to see what they have said I say that although they might alter the pedal leg I meant to point it out I see a in it and see if minnow did it you are joining us if that in Muncie bad I get a Sikh aptly call you so pretty soon Paula. What did you call me. You’ll get a look you’re not cured by this particular medieval defaming said emancipator is in West let lay Muncie part. This is indeed a lot that Uncle model to. I mean simply that Assad supported where the model suits proposed the proposed this issue and this is just by this not did not do that but I see only seen you know mean you.

See. Exactly.

Mean it’s not raucous on one more specific lamented mother I see law. It’s a look look at the Prince of anything. Then I began to but I know that people didn’t get any getting into more of the press because you on this because he had to do you know and I wanted kind of salon or level abuse or physical gift giving them more they’ll go violent on global good governance where without going through a lot. Today’s get Guantanamo deal will put case a group are going to one a month. He didn’t get said Boehner some put the heat that started leaking on nothing may not open your Politico or group or social conversation because he dealt with these and you could not pick up. But I feel a political better known sort of politico a single rests on this uproar Well I believe open your Politico to solo or no they use but end I said all this will single. Noise faceted barrel guacamole. Matthew honestly you can I pro US sip whether you look most natural. Proxima. I also thought you wanted to be.

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