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If I get a restraining order are my children protected?

can a restraining order protect your kidsEach case is different, and the answer depends on the restraining order.  An order can require the person receiving the order to stay away from your children as well, but the court would have to make the decision that the person is a threat to not only you but to your children as well.  This will happen in only egregious circumstances.

Let’s say the abuser is the father of your kids.  A court will be loath to prevent your children from ever seeing their father.  The focus then is the best interest of the children.  Obviously, if the abuser is a danger to your children, then it isn’t in their best interest to see the abuser.

The judge can order an evaluation and recommend supervised visitation.  If he complies at some point the court may allow unsupervised visitation.

This is a very fact-intensive inquiry.

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