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How to Deal with ICE Officers

What To Do If ICE Officers Approach You

Andres Mejer, immigration attorney, explains what your rights are if you are approached by an ICE agent. If you are worried about this, request a “red card” from our office. The card fits easily in your wallet and tells you what your rights are.

Transcript (Transcripción):

Andres Mejer: Now because of the changes to expedited removal. There is a potential of contact with Customs Border Patrol with ice with DHS agents HHS. Agents anywhere in the country. What do you do? So we’ve talked about no your rights in the past. We’re going to do it briefly again today. So here you need to have the red card. This card has your rights on it. It’s in English and in Spanish. There’s our phone number here at the bottom. You get pulled over by ice in a car first they shouldn’t be doing that.  They don’t have the authority a police officer does but immigration ICE official does not. They could show up at your home. They could pull you on the street. So you go into court. They might come to you on this method. Yes, I am. Come with us. I’m an ICE agent. Well, I’m not coming with you. I’m sorry. I know my rights. I’m not talking to you without my attorney present. I’m not signing any documents. I’m not allowing you to search my person my car or my home without a signed order from a judge not from an immigration officer that they say all under the law, are you familiar with the U.S. Code? Forget that crap. Show me an order by the judge. If it’s not a judge I’m not complying. And you can’t force me. Period end of story. So no your rights very important. Someone stops you on the street or tries to enter your home. You call the number you tell him I don’t answer questions that my attorney. I have an attorney that should at least stop the investigation. If you have any questions. Put him down below. Subscribe to our channel. If there’s a subject you want us to talk about in the future. Put it in the comments. We review it and maybe we’ll talk about it in the weeks to come. 

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