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Comparing Leadership Styles: Lessons from the Bible’s Pinchas and the Upcoming 2024 Presidential Election

I hope this email finds you well. Today, I’d like to delve into an exciting topic – leadership. Our guide for this conversation is the recent Bible portion – Pinchas. We’ll contrast the leadership qualities shown in this story with those we see in the current run-up to the 2024 U.S. Presidential Election.
The Pinchas portion clearly shows what the Bible values in a leader. It describes two different types of leadership through Pinchas and Moses’s successor, Joshua. Pinchas, who leaps forward in a crisis, displays one type of leadership. His brave and decisive action restores order to his community, earning him praise (Numbers 25:12). Even though this robust and immediate reaction to crisis works now, the Bible doesn’t suggest it as the usual way to lead.
On the other hand, Joshua shows us another type of leadership. He’s steady, reliable, and humble. Rather than reacting to a crisis, he’s described as a proactive leader, ensuring his community’s future well-being. This characteristic is reflected in the phrase “a man in whom is spirit” (Numbers 27:18), suggesting a quieter, thoughtful kind of bravery.
Comparing Leadership Styles: Lessons from the Bible's Pinchas and the Upcoming 2024 Presidential Election

In our current world, as we approach the 2024 Presidential Election, we can see these types of leadership at play. Some candidates, like Pinchas, show intense passion and strong commitment, reacting quickly to crises. While this can be effective and draw attention, we must remember that leadership also requires Joshua’s thoughtful, long-term planning.
As we watch the candidates, let’s think about their words, attitudes, wisdom, and humility. Good leaders don’t just react to what’s happening now; they must also plan proactively for a stable, prosperous future.
As the election season goes on, let’s keep the examples of Pinchas and Joshua in mind. We should look beyond the charisma and catchy slogans to find leaders with the spirit of leadership, just like Joshua did. We need leaders who can not only react to problems but also foresee and prepare for future challenges.
I look forward to your thoughts as we continue these meaningful discussions about faith, leadership, and our role as citizens.
Wishing you wisdom, 
Andres “Reflecting” Mejer

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