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Can domestic violence be a crime in New Jersey?

The short answer is yes. In New Jersey, 14 different crimes can result in domestic violence.  They run the gamut from assault, harassment, terroristic threats, trespass, to murder.  In the criminal context, your abuser is charged with a crime.  It is the State of New Jersey who brings the case against your abuser and the prosecutor is the attorney who takes the abuser to court, typically not the victim. In some circumstances, the prosecutor can choose to proceed with the case against your abuser even if you don’t want to “press charges.”  That is more often the case when the officer has witnessed some of the abuse first hand.  For example, if your boyfriend was hitting you even after the police appeared at the scene.  The prosecutor will not need your assistance since the officer can testify as to what he or she saw. The prosecutor can also subpoena you and attempt to force you to testify at trial.  If you choose not to testify, you can be found in contempt of court.  It is truly the exception when the prosecutor will subpoena the victim who doesn’t want to testify against the abuser.  Unlike a civil case like a restraining order, if convicted the abuser faces jail and fines.

Keep in mind that if the abuser is a close family relative and you are an immigrant you may qualify for a green card under the Violence Against Women’s Act.  Otherwise, you may qualify for legal status under the U-Visa.

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