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How does Immigration benefit America?

Comparison immigration reform vs. doing nothingA lot of people like to talk about immigration as something that places a strain on our society, but I have a different opinion. Immigration is a complex topic, but as a whole it provides many benefits to the American people. The biggest of these benefits actually comes from what many people consider to be immigrations biggest drawback, employment. You have no doubt heard someone say something along the lines of, they’re taking all our jobs, with they being a reference to immigrants. What many of these people do not realize is that immigration in fact creates jobs. A Recent study found that entrepreneurs that have immigrated to America launch one in four new businesses. New businesses mean new jobs, which mean that many Americans are provided with the opportunity to find a job that would not have been available otherwise. At this point, critics of immigration would say something along the lines of well aren’t immigrants only going to hire immigrants? This could not be farther than the truth, as it goes against everything these immigrants believe. If you had just worked your way through a complex legal system, being discriminated against as you progressed, would the first thing you do be to discriminate against the people of this country? Many immigrants will employ anyone willing to take the job, assuming they have the proper credentials. As I have stated in other pieces, the benefits of increased employment can be seen in many places other than just the workforce. With more people working, there is more money available to be spent in the American economy. With more money being spent in the economy, our society as a whole can be more at ease. Further, with more people working, there are more people paying taxes, and with more people paying taxes our government can function properly. This means that immigration can not only increase employment, but can also increase government productivity, and societal stability. Now, to address the critic’s point that immigrants are taking all of the American jobs. While a population does increase the amount of competition for certain jobs, you have to examine which jobs immigrants are taking. Most of the jobs new immigrants can find are blue-collar jobs like agriculture, automotive, and factory work. Many of these jobs are considered to be last-resort positions by American citizens, meaning they are jobs they would rather not work. They are low pay with long hours and a lot of physical labor. These are not desirable jobs. Most Americans don’t want to do them. Yet, some Americans complain that immigrants are taking “American jobs.” As a whole, immigration provides many benefits to societies that foster is. America is no exception. Despite these facts, some Americans work hard to make a benefit sound like a disadvantage.Free Resources Available for You

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