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What is Citizenship Day?

At Andres Mejer Law we are proud to celebrate citizenship dayCelebrated September 17, Citizenship day is a celebration of every person who has become a citizen of the United States.  The holiday was first celebrated in 1940, and at the time was called “I am and American day” and celebrated on the third Sunday of May.  It was not until 1952 that the holiday was moved to September 17th and renamed to Citizenship Day.  This holiday falls on the anniversary of the passing of the United States Constitution as well, and therefore enriches the celebration of this day. This holiday is very important to the immigrant community for obvious reasons, as it is the celebration of all of their hard work in coming to this country and becoming a legal citizen.As a naturalized citizen of the United States I am proud to celebrate Citizenship Day.

At Andres Mejer Law we are proud to help immigrants become U.S. citizens, reunite families, and help immigrants participate in the democratic process.  Now more than ever if you can vote, you should vote.  If you are a lawful permanent resident for five years (or three years if through marriage) you should start the process to become a citizen today and vote in the next election.

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