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What Does Immigration Want to Approve Your Application? [TOTW]

Tip of the Week #11

My name is Andres Mejer, and I’m an immigration attorney. In this week’s Tip of the Week, I’m going to tell you the three things you need to give USCIS and DOS (which is what some people call immigration) so that they approve your immigration application.

What does immigration want from you to approve your application? This is something everyone wants to know. It’s not your fault that you’re confused about what it might be.

If you didn’t hire an attorney, you probably went to the USCIS (or DOS) websites and sent in what you thought they wanted including the forms and their “suggested” evidence. They have examples of evidence to send in, right?

You might have also talked to a friend who told you what THEY sent in. And then you get an RFE (request for evidence) or NOID (notice of intent to deny) OR EVEN worse, rejection or denial. Now you’re scared, stressed, and confused. It feels like the US government is trying to make it hard for you to be approved, doesn’t it?

I’m going to tell you the three things that you need to provide to help USCIS and DOS understand why they should approve your case.

Tell Your Story

The first thing you need to do is to show them that you are a person just like them. How do you do that? Tell them your story. Your application is reviewed by people – not machines. That person needs to know you are a human, you have family and a life history, and will be an asset to the US so should be approved. 

Now, we’ve had people tell us “I’m going to immigration court and I’m going to tell the Judge my story and he’ll approve me.” That is very different. In court, you need to make a legal argument – you need to take the facts of your case, apply the law and explain – in a way that shows the law supports YOUR position/claim – why you should win.

While I do think there is a legal argument that must happen when you submit your immigration application, there is also a connection that you must establish with the person reviewing your case. Explain who you are and why you should be allowed to become a US citizen/green card holder or whatever immigration benefit you want. 

Be Clear About What You Want

The second thing you need to make sure is that DOS and USCIS understand clearly what it is you want. You probably think that they should know that because of the forms you’ve submitted. Didn’t you send in the forms they told you to? And on the forms you indicate what you’re applying for – you’re probably thinking.

Remember, you are continuing your story. It’s another way to connect with the officer reviewing your paperwork and help them to make a positive decision on your behalf. As an example, you might explain that you’re applying for your green card to live with your spouse and start a family here in the US. 

Explain Why Your Application Should Be Granted

The third thing you need to fully explain to immigration is why they should give you the benefit you are applying for. What makes you admissible to the US? What makes you a good candidate to become a US citizen (if you are looking to do that long term). 

It’s simple. And it’s complex. To review – you want to tell immigration who you are, what you’re applying for, and why they should approve your application. If you want help with your application, contact our office to schedule a consultation. 

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