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What do you mean I can’t marry Jack?

Lucy confronted a Judge in a parking lot. She asked him why couldn’t she marry Jack. The Judge said it was decided. Lucy snapped, and she grabbed a fire extinguisher and killed the Judge.


This was the theme of a recent Law & Order episode. I love Law & Order. When I was studying for the bar, and throughout law school, I watched years of episodes. It is one of the few TV shows that accurately presents legal issues.


Not to defend what Lucy did, but she was being controlled. Lucy made millions as a tennis star, and her father had bribed the Judge to become her legal guardian. He decided who she dated, what she wore, where she went, and how to spend her money. He made $IO million a year to do just that. Decide everything. She thought it was the Judge, and she had made a wrong decision.


Did you ever make a wrong decision because you had inaccurate information? Do you know what it is like to have every decision taken from you? To have no control over your clothes, where to go, who to see, and when to sleep? That was Lucy’s life, and it’s not right. No one should live that way.


Millions of people are victims of domestic violence. Domestic violence isn’t just physical abuse; sometimes, it’s emotional abuse. There is help if you need it, and it can be worse if you are an immigrant. Every day, you are told that if you step out of line, ICE will deport you, never to see your kids again. The law protects victims in these situations with either a U-visa or VAWA. You will not be deported, and you can get legal status without your abuser. No one should have to stay in an abusive relationship to achieve legal status. There is help if you need it, but I hope you or your loved ones never need it.


Andres “Stop the Violence ” Mejer


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