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What countries have the highest and lowest migration rates?

What is America's migration score?A net migration rate is the difference between the amount of people that enter a country and the amount that leave the country per 1,000 citizens.The nation that has the highest net migration rate is Lebanon, with an 83.82.  This means that per 1,000 citizens, 83.82 more people immigrate (enter the country) than emigrate (leave the country).The nation with the lowest net migration rate is Syria, with a -113.51.  This means that per 1,000 citizens, 113.51 more people emigrate (leave the country) than immigrate (enter the country).  Given the horror stories we read about on the news about Syria, these numbers aren’t suprising.  More people want to escape the country than travel there.  This leads to mass emigration, and less and less people wanting to enter the country.

You may ask, where does the United States fall into this mix? Well, the United States ranks 40th in the world, with a net migration rate of 2.45.  You would think that everyone that evverybody is coming to America, particularly given the fear of immigration that certain candidates are describing. The truth is our nation is not perfect and people leave for many reasons.  Also, given the difficulties in legal immigration that also keeps our numbers low.

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