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What is a TN Visa, and Why Is It Needed?

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has been renamed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). 

A multilateral agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico established a unique economic and trading relationship between the three countries. The USMCA Professional (TN) visa allows citizens of Canada and Mexico to work in the United States for a specific employer on a temporary basis. The visas have a three-year validity duration and can be prolonged.

Who is qualified for a TN visa?

The USMCA TN visa allows professionals from Mexico and Canada to operate in the United States if they meet the following:

  • They are Canadian or Mexican citizens.
  • Their line of work is in the NAFTA list of professions.
  • A NAFTA expert is required for the position in the United States.
  • They possess the essential qualifications for the job.
  • They will work for a U.S. firm in a prearranged full-time or part-time work.

It is possible to change jobs at any moment by acquiring new TN status from a new employer. Before new employment may begin, the change should be approved. Working for a new employer before receiving approval violates the TN visa requirements, and unlawful presence will become a problem. Changes in employment can be made from within the United States or even at a port of entry after leaving the country.

What are the criteria for Canadian and Mexican Citizens?

  • Criteria differ between Canadians and Mexicans.

    For Canadian Citizens

    You don’t have to file for a TN visa at the U.S. Consulate if you are a Canadian citizen. You can apply for a TN visa at the border by demonstrating your eligibility and delivering the required paperwork to CBP (Customs and Border Protection). The CBP officer will usually request a letter from your potential employer describing the job.

    Alternatively, the potential employer might file Form I-129 on Canadian citizens’ behalf. Following approval, the potential employer may petition CBP for admission of the nonimmigrant.

    The main advantage for Canadian professionals is that they’re no longer subject to the H-1B’s number restrictions. Nonimmigrant intent is still a factor at the border and can be grounds for entrance denial. They are eligible for accelerated application processing at the border without limiting the number of visa renewals or re-entry into the U.S.

    For Mexican Citizens

    Unless you’re a Mexican national, you must apply for a TN visa through a US Consulate. If you are given a visa, you should apply to CBP, and if you are eligible, you could enter the United States.

    The TN Visa is initially issued for up to three years. Renewals are given without leaving the country if your employer files Form I-129.

    Employers of Mexican professionals seeking TN status must apply for Nonimmigrant Worker and a Labor Certification, as required for the H-1B. The TN Visa has the advantage of providing an additional 5,500 visas for Mexicans when the H-1B limit is met. Mexicans can also prolong their stay in the United States beyond the H-1B six-year limit.

The TN visa is not a “dual intent” visa like other temporary work visas. By entering the United States, you are indicating that you will not attempt to settle in the country permanently.

Of course, there may be scenarios in which you marry an American citizen or green card holder while in the United States and therefore qualify for a green card. If this occurs, you may be permitted to remain in the United States and change your status.

Your spouse and children under 21 years old may be entitled to accompany you under TD (TN-Dependent) status, depending on their citizenship.

They will not require a visa to enter the United States if they are Canadian citizens. Once they reach a port of entry, they will only need to show proof of their Canadian citizenship, their connection, and that they have been granted permission to enter the US under the TN category. To demonstrate this, they can provide documents such as a passport, a marriage or birth certificate, and a copy of your admission documents.

Before entering the United States, non-Canadian family members must file for a TD nonimmigrant visa at a US consulate or embassy. Suppose a Canadian with TN status wishes to go to the United States with their non-Canadian dependents. In that case, they must first apply for a TN visa at a US consulate or embassy before their dependents can apply for TD visas.

It is dependent on your line of work. To be qualified for a TN visa, you must demonstrate that you are a qualified professional with a bachelor’s degree in one of the recognized specialized occupations.

However, depending on your industry, an option including a post-secondary credential and three years of experience may be sufficient to demonstrate your competence.

What’s the grace period if I am on a TN visa and leave my job?

If you quit your work while your TN visa remains active, you have 60 days to find a new job, change your status, or prepare to depart the United States.

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The application procedures differ for Mexican and Canadian nationals, and there are other dual intent problems to consider. Additionally, specific professional job assignments are subject to increased inspection by immigration officials on a TN visa. Because some TN visa applications are scrutinized more thoroughly than others, seeking the help of TN visa attorney Andres Mejer Law is recommended.

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