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Slamming your head into a window?

Before my alarm, I woke up this morning to the sound of knocking on the window. Or atleast it sounded like knocking. It was actually a red bird trying to fly through my window. Again. And again.

I got smart, or so I thought. I just put down the blinds so the bird couldn’t see a reflection and go elsewhere. The bird showed me, it went to a window in another room, and bang. Wait a few seconds, then bang again. Even now, the bird continues to slam into the window. All-day long. Bang. Bang. It is very diligent, and it is working hard. But it isn’t making any noticeable progress. The bird is still outside the window, trying to get in.



What about you? Are you making any progress on your immigration journey? Finding a new window to slam your head against isn’t progress unless it’s an open window. Too many people look for a path to Green Card through the window of family-based petitions. But there are many other paths like a U-visa, Violence Against Women’s Act, Special Immigrant Juvenile, or Cancellation of Removal. Call us and see if we can open your window.



Andres “Window Opener” Mejer


P.S. If you want to work with me…. here are three ways we can help:

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