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Sixth thing Department of Homeland Security can do to deport less New Jersey immigrants

We are removing hundreds of thousands of people who pose no threat to our communities and are destroying families, ever year. Too many New Jersey immigrants are caught in this net. While fundamental changes to the immigration system can only be done through reform of our laws, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can immediately act to protect families and ensure that enforcement practices satisfy due process, equal rights, and human dignity. There are six things that DHS can do today to reduce the number of New Jersey families destroyed through deportations, here is the sixth in this series:


This is less about reducing the number of deportations, that ensuring that detainees are treated humanely. There continues to be reports of improper use of force, including lethal force, by Border Patrol, as well as abusive CBP detention practices. Men, women, and children held at ports of entry or in Border Patrol detention facilities are kept at dangerously cold temperatures, faced with verbal and physical intimidation, and are not provided with basic health and hygiene. CBP does a terrible job in evaluating and regulating its detention facilities. Those facilities were originally built to be used on a short-term basis for border apprehensions. Reports continue on racially motivated arrests, coercive interrogation tactics, and denial of the right to counsel. These problems undermine the basic rights of both citizens and noncitizens. There is no effective complaint mechanism to address misconduct by CBP officers and agents. CBP establish functioning oversight, feedback, and redress mechanisms to improve accountability. If you or a loved is in immigration custody time is of the essence. Call 888-695-6169 to speak to our knowledgeable staff today.

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