Lessons Learned from the Recent Earthquake

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Rattled but Resilient: Lessons Learned from the Recent Earthquake

Hey Immigration Nation,

Last Friday, we all felt the ground beneath us tremble. The earthquake in New Jersey was a jolting reminder of nature’s unpredictability and the thin line between normalcy and chaos. Thankfully, this time, we were spared from any harm or disaster, which gives us a moment not just for relief but for deep reflection.

When we think about earthquakes and natural disasters around the globe, the stories of devastation and the resilience of the human spirit often come to the forefront. However, our experience serves as a wake-up call to what could have been, prompting us to cherish what we have even more.

Nature’s unpredictability underscores the importance of being prepared, both in our personal lives and within our communities. It’s a stark reminder that while we can’t control everything, our responses and preparations can make a significant difference in the outcomes we face.


Today, let’s be thankful for our safety, the well-being of our loved ones, and the community that surrounds us. Let’s appreciate the roofs over our heads and the ground under our feet, which remained unshaken this time. And let’s use this opportunity to reflect on our lives, our priorities, and how we can support one another in times of uncertainty.

If the recent tremor has raised any concerns or questions, especially regarding your status or future plans, remember that we are here to help. Our team is always ready to provide the guidance and assistance you need to navigate through these uncertain times.

We are all in this together.

Warm regards,


Andres “Thankful” Mejer

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