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Finding a legal defense against drug crimes in Eatontown, New Jersey

Possession of illicit narcotics or prescribed pharmaceuticals has serious consequences, including the possibility of jail time and hefty fines and costs. Furthermore, a drug offense conviction will remain on your criminal record for the rest of your life, affecting your ability to get work, get a good education, or receive government financial assistance. As a result, if you are facing a drug accusation, you should contact a New Jersey crime lawyer as soon as possible. Read on to get more information on the gravity of drug charges in New Jersey and how an experienced criminal defense lawyer can help.

  • What to Expect If Charged with a Drug Offense in New Jersey
  • Why Do You Need a Reputable Lawyer Familiar with Marijuana and Other Drug Charges?
  • Free and Confidential Initial Consultation with Andres Mejer Law
What to Expect If Charged with a Drug Offense in New Jersey

Drug defense attorney

The criminal justice system in New Jersey is complicated, and a criminal drug case might take a while to process. There are possibilities for a competent defense attorney to bargain for you in the entire legal process.

Criminal Charge Process


You may learn that a complaint has been filed against you, that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, or that an investigation on you has started. It is critical to contact an experienced New Jersey drug defense attorney at this point. A defense attorney can help you understand your rights and prevent you from doing or saying something that isn’t in your best interests.

When you are arrested or need to show up in court

You will attend your first appearance, at which time your bail will be set.

A criminal defense lawyer will bargain for the lowest available bail, including release on your own recognizance (ROR), allowing you to stay at home while your criminal case is being resolved.

Addiction assessors may be required to meet with defendants charged with drug offenses. They’ll test for drugs and ask about your drug history. Based on the evaluators’ recommendations, the court may require you to attend a drug treatment program.


Before your criminal case goes to trial, a skilled New Jersey criminal defense attorney can intervene to reduce charges or drop charges entirely. There will also be possibilities to reach a plea agreement, in which the prosecution agrees to decrease or withdraw charges, lower the sentence, or give probation  rather than jail time. Your criminal defense lawyer may be able to pursue pre-trial intervention (PTI), which allows you to avoid formal prosecution in return due to completing a court-supervised community program.

If you don’t agree quickly, the prosecution will indict you before a grand jury trial, then arraign you in front of a judge. Soon after the indictment, the prosecution will give you and your legal representation access to all evidence against you. To discuss a possible plea offer, your lawyer will contact the prosecutor before and after the arraignment. Notably, 70% of lawsuits are settled before trial.


When your case reaches trial, you’ll need a skilled criminal defense attorney in New Jersey on your side. Years of trial experience are required to understand how a jury operates and what tiny factors may impact their verdict. A good criminal defense lawyer will also consider the appeals process and what concerns may affect the final conclusion of your case.

We can begin working on your criminal case as soon as you decide to contact our reliable Eatontown criminal defense attorney. Our law firm will actively explore the various early intervention options available to prevent the expense and hazards of a pretrial. If your case does proceed to a criminal trial, you can be certain that Andres Mejer Law’s dedicated criminal defense team will tirelessly fight for you.

What can have an impact on my drug charges?

Several variables influence the accusations that the state may bring against you, such as:

  • Drug type: Drugs like heroin and cocaine are deemed to be more dangerous than others and hence carry more severe penalties.
  • If it is judged that the amount you were allegedly discovered with suggests an intent to distribute, manufacture, or traffick, your charges may be more serious than simple possession.
  • Where you were discovered: Some places in New Jersey, such as those near schools, have particular safeguards, which means that the penalties will be more severe.
  • Past record: As with any federal crime, the state will consider your prior record when deciding how to prosecute your case.

Why Do You Need a Reputable Lawyer Familiar with Marijuana and Other Drug Charges?

Our criminal defense attorneys at Andres Mejer Law have extensive skills defending individuals accused of illicit drug possession or trafficking. We represent clients accused of marijuana possession, prescribed medications as well as other controlled substances such as cocaine, Ecstasy, or methamphetamine. Clients charged with possession with the intent to sell or distribute have also worked with us. To book a consultation, please contact our office located in Eatontown, NJ.

Experienced Eatontown, NJ drug crime attorneys provide protection and advice.

Our criminal defense attorneys have years of training in New Jersey criminal courts. We go to work straight away on behalf of our clients who have been charged with drug misdemeanors. We will be present at every police interview to protect your constitutional rights, and we will conduct our own independent investigation of the allegations against you.

Charges of drug offenses are open to constitutional challenges.

Did the police have probable cause to search your person, vehicle, or home, for example?

Was the warrant properly executed if a search was conducted pursuant to it?

When police and prosecutors interrogated you, did they follow all constitutional requirements?

Our experienced drug crime defense lawyers will conduct a case evaluation from every perspective throughout our investigation of an arrest in Eatontown, working hard to defend you with strong evidence. We will do our best to negotiate with the prosecuting lawyers in order to get the charges reduced or the case dismissed. Our skilled trial lawyers are more than capable of obtaining a not-guilty finding on your side during a jury trial if required.


What Kinds of Drug Crimes Charges Do We Handle at Our Criminal Defense Firm?

Drug criminal charges in New Jersey vary in severity, but they all have the potential to ruin a person’s personal and professional life. Our legal team at Andres Mejer Law Office will vigorously defend you against allegations of:

  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Importation
  • Manufacturing of Drugs
  • Drug Trafficking and Prescription Drugs
  • Theft from a Pharmacy

It is critical to obtain a competent New Jersey criminal defense lawyer as early as possible in your case, regardless of the criminal charges you are facing. A criminal drug case goes through several stages, and a smart drug defense lawyer will take advantage of every chance to intercede on your behalf and push back or stop the prosecution.

Free and Confidential Initial Consultation with Andres Mejer Law

A drug conviction in New Jersey may ruin your life. It can ruin your chances of finding a job, creating new relationships, or mending existing ones.

Significant charges need the best defense. We have dealt with over 2,000 criminal cases. Our criminal defense lawyers represent clients within New Jersey, especially Eatontown.

If you or a loved one is facing drug accusations, contact Andres Mejer Law now.

We will move quickly to defend you and be by your side while you battle for your rights and freedom. Fill out our online form or contact us immediately to talk with a skilled New Jersey criminal defense attorney so we can begin developing a solid defense on your behalf.