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Do you have questions about criminal law issues such as, warrants, DWI/DUI scenarios, drug charges, weapons charges, or domestic violence? How about larceny, burglary, marijuana, or solicitation? At Andres Mejer Law we believe that every person, regardless of his or her origin, deserves the complete protection of the law. A New Jersey criminal defense lawyer will be dedicated to providing you with diligent and comprehensive representation during every stage of a criminal matter, regardless of the charge. We have extensive experience handling a full range of complex matters. We also have a unique insight into how to best defend individuals accused of a crime. Our firm advises and represents clients on all criminal defense cases, including:

  • Assaults
  • Bail Reductions
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Charges
  • Drunk Driving (DUI)
  • Fraud
  • Juvenile
  • Crimes
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Robbery/Burglary
  • Theft/Shoplifting
  • Traffic Violations
  • Expungement
  • New Jersey Post-Conviction Relief Petition

If convicted of a motor vehicle offense, you may:

  • go to jail,
  • lose your driving privileges,
  • or be subject to fines and surcharges.

A motor vehicle violation conviction can also result in an increase in your insurance premiums and can affect your ability to obtain or maintain insurance. Any ticket or charge you incur due to use of your car should be challenged by a New Jersey criminal defense attorney at Andres Mejer Law in order to improve your outcome. If you are a foreign national living in the U.S. and you have been charged with a crime, your criminal case can cause you to be denied a green card, visa, or permanent residency status. A criminal conviction can lead to deportation, but so can the wrong approach to criminal defense.

Drug crimes

In New Jersey, being charged with a drug crime can completely devastate a person’s life, reputation, and prospects for the future. Whether you have been charged with possession, distribution, manufacturing, drug trafficking, or being under the influence of an illicit drug, you must understand your legal rights and defenses options. The actions you make today, as well as the criminal defense attorneys you choose, can make all the difference in the outcome of your drug-related criminal case.

Violent crimes

The most severe punishments allowed under our law for crimes of violence against other individuals in New Jersey include fines and jail time, including life in prison without the possibility of parole. If you have been arrested or indicted for a serious offense, you need strong, devoted legal representation from criminal defense attorneys with years of expertise.

Drunk driving

In addition to a restriction on DWI plea bargaining in exchange for a lesser penalty, New Jersey’s rules against drunk driving — also known as driving while intoxicated, driving while impaired (DWI), or driving under the influence (DUI) — are among the most stringent in the country.

A first conviction for drunk driving can result in hundreds of dollars in fines, up to 30 days in jail, the suspension of your driving rights for 90 days, and other long-term financial consequences, including loss of your job.

A DWI conviction remains on your record, making you more likely to be discovered by future employers, loan officers, college officials, and other individuals conducting background checks.


The crime of theft has existed since the beginning of time. There are numerous theft crimes defined under New Jersey law, including burglary, robbery, auto theft, extortion, shoplifting, and others, each of which carries the possibility of jail time and severe fines if convicted. In New Jersey, anyone who has been arrested or indicted for theft or stealing should consult with an expert criminal defense attorney who can offer them aggressive and devoted legal assistance.

Juvenile crimes

When a parent receives a phone call from the police alerting them that their child has been arrested for a minor criminal violation, it is possible for the parents to blame the child because they are overwhelmed. However, it is critical to take action as soon as possible to protect your child’s rights — and, potentially, their future freedom and well-being.

The most effective strategy to safeguard an underage child who has been arrested is to quickly retain the services of a juvenile criminal defense attorney who is familiar with criminal and disorderly person crimes in New Jersey.

Weapons offenses

For crimes performed with the use of a gun or another weapon, state and federal laws often provide for greater punishment upon conviction than crimes committed without the use of a weapon, according to the National Institute of Justice. Possession of a firearm by itself is a crime in New Jersey in specific circumstances, according to state law.

Anyone charged with a firearms offense in New Jersey should seek legal representation from a competent attorney as soon as possible. You can begin working with a New Jersey criminal defense attorney who is familiar with weapons charges immediately to have the criminal charges brought against you reduced, dismissed, or deferred so that you can avoid prison and/or costly fines.

Sex crimes

For many sex crimes in New Jersey, not only do you face the possibility of prison time but a guilty plea or conviction could subject you to sex offender registration requirements as well as community monitoring for the rest of your life if you are convicted. There is also the issue of public perception, which will negatively impact your ability to find work, acquire college loans and scholarships, and seek other possibilities in the future.

Federal crimes

Most infractions of the law are considered state offenses in New Jersey, however, some crimes may be tried as federal offenses under certain circumstances. A crime is defined as a federal crime under the United States Code, and an offense will be punished in the federal court system if it occurs on federal property, since it requires crossing state or international borders.

A defense attorney who is familiar with the unique issues of federal criminal law and procedure is essential if you have been arrested and/or indicted on federal accusations such as drug, weapon, fraud, or immigration offenses. When it comes to preparing cases against criminals, federal officials often have more resources than state courts. Furthermore, federal violations are frequently subject to harsher penalties than state and municipal offenses of the same nature. It is always good to have someone with legal experience by your side. Our competent NJ criminal defense attorney will work hard to make sure that the best defense strategy is crafted to help you out in your criminal case.

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