You are out partying with friends and decide it’s time go home. You’ve been drinking for a few hours, but feel just a slight buzz. You think you’re ok to drive home since it’s a short distance. Shortly after you make the last turn on your way home, you notice lights flashing and the noise of a siren right behind you. You can’t believe it – so close to home.

You pull over and the officer asks for ID. Next thing you know you are arrested, a friend picks you up from the police station, and you are given a DUI along with a host of other tickets. What to do?

Well, If convicted of a first offense DUI in New Jersey with a Blood Alcohol Content between .08 to .10%, then you are facing:

(1) Fines between $1044 and $1,194 of which $794 is mandatory and $250.00 to $400.00 is discretionary (for full explanation see click here);

(2) A $3,000 insurance surcharge payable over three years;

(3) You will also attend alcohol awareness classes at the IDRC for 12-48 hours during 2 consecutive days of 6 hours or longer each day;

(4) You may be sentenced to up to 30 days in jail;

(5) You will lose your license in New Jersey for at least 3 months;

(6) You may be forced to participate in supervised visitation program as either a condition of probation or a form of community service.

If your Blood Alcohol Content was over .10% but less than .15%, then your fine is increased between $1094 to $1294 (complete explanation click here). You will loose your license from seven to twelve months and

(7) You may be forced to install an interlock device for six months to a year at the end of your license suspension. This mechanism would force you to breathe into it before you can start your car. If it indicates a level of alcohol the car will not start.

For a Second DUI offense the consequences are similar but more sever. For example, the fine is increased from $1,344 to $1,844 (for complete explanation click here). You will face two to ninety days in jail. You will lose your license for two years. You will do 30 days of community service. Interlock ignition device is mandatory for one to three years.

For a third offense the consequences are more sever yet. The fine will be $1,844 (complete explanation click here). You will be sentenced to 180 days in jail however, 90 days of that sentence can be served through a drug or alcohol inpatient program approved by the IDRC. You will lose your license in New Jersey for ten years.

Of course, an often overlooked consequence of any DUI conviction is

(8) The increased insurance premium which can be twice as high as what you were previously being charged

The results of any DUI can be severe. Do not let it happen to you.