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Immigration News Updates on the USCIS Fee Increase

Increase in USCIS Fees

We were all following this closely before President Biden took office. The fee increases that were supposed to go into effect were quite hefty. 

At the end of January USCIS published an update in the Federal Register about the fee increases that were supposed to go into effect in October 2020 but were then stopped by preliminary court injunctions.  

The update basically said that USCIS is complying with the court orders by not requiring applicants to pay the increased fees after October 2, 2020. 

A Short History of What Happened With the Fee Increases  

  1. August 3, 2020, USCIS published a final rule of fee increases including those for N-400, I-130, Green Card applications, citizenship, appeals, etc.   
  2. These increases were supposed to go into effect on October 2, 2020.  
  3. On September 29, 2020, a district court in Northern California issued a preliminary injunction against the rule. 
  4. The District Court in DC issued one on October 8, 2020.  
  5. On December 28, 2020, the government filed an unopposed motion for voluntary dismissal of the entire rule and voluntary dismissal of its appeal in the ILRC (Immigration Legal Resource Center) vs. Wolf case.  


What Does This Mean for Those Applying for an Immigration Benefit?  

This means that the fee increase is NOT happening, and you do not need to pay for increased fees if you are applying for an immigration benefit that was supposed to have a fee increase. 

There were also new forms that were required to be submitted and waivers canceled. None of that is happening now. 


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