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Immigration Lawyer gives Tips for filling out immigration forms


Tips for filling out immigration forms

Going through a visa application process is not an easy and stress-free endeavor. Filling out immigration forms is the easiest part the application process.  The hard part is ensuring you can prove that you qualify for what you are applying for.  We have talked about that in prior videos, for today lets talk about filling out the forms.  Although it is easier, that doesn’t mean filling out the forms is easy.  

You will be confronted with intimidating technical terms and tons of paperwork and documents. Sometimes you won’t know where to begin or how to begin. And that’s why we are here to guide you! 

For our Tip of the Week, we’ll give you some pointers when filling out your immigration forms.

How to manage your Immigration forms

Being organized is really important in any visa application. This is vital since there will be several forms and supporting documentats to complete and obtain. 

In addition, it is critical that you read and follow the instructions written on the forms and be diligent in accomplishing them. 

If you are disorganized, you will be all over the place, which may cause you to make a mistake or overlook essential papers. 

To guide you in filling out these forms, here are some Tips just for you:

Tip #1: Do not give false answers

You may feel tempted to lie or conceal important facts about your situation. If you are caught, you may face inadmissibility in the United States, and your visa application will most likely be denied.

If you intend to do this, I strongly encourage you not to. Instead, contact an immigration lawyer like me to assist you and evaluate your case. An experienced attorney can assist you in assessing which information should be included in your application and how you can make a compelling case for yourself.

Tip #2: Be consistent in your responses.

Most likely, you’ll be required to fill out a handful of forms. Some forms would ask for the same information again and over. 

IF you are confused or feel overwhelmed by the number of forms that you need to accomplish, you will probably have inconsistent answers.

This might be an issue since the person reviewing your application may become suspicious, which could lead to your disapproval. 

As much as possible, double-check your responses to see if they are consistent. IF you don’t know how to answer the forms, ask for assistance.

Tip #3: Fill out the forms correctly and completely.

The decision of the USCIS officer will be dependent on your answers on the forms and the supporting documents. 

IF you are not careful enough in answering the forms, you could be denied.

Here are some of the important information that you should answer correctly:

  • Your Complete Name

Your entire name must be the same as it appears on your birth certificate or passport. If you changed your name for any reason, such as marriage or divorce, you have to document the offical change, like a Judge’s decision.

  • Your Complete Address

It is important to include your complete and current address for mailing purposes. The USCIS mails all documents to the applicant or petitioner, such as notices of petition approval, incomplete submission, interview notices, and so on.

Moreover, certain USCIS applications require not just your correct mailing address but also your actual address. If this is the case, write down the exact address or location of your home. If another person will receive that document at the written address, indicate their name with c/o—meaning “in care of.”

Also, make sure that you have answered all the fields in the forms. As we mentioned earlier, always double check.

Tip #4: You can fill out the form online and print it

Most of the forms from USCIS may be accessed on their website. In contrast to the conventional method of filling out paperwork, the USCIS developed the forms to be completed electronically.

This is advantageous because, unlike when manually writing your responses in the forms, you do not need to obtain a NEW FORM if you make a mistake. You can just simply erase and type in your correct answers. 

To file an application online, visit the USCIS website linked in the description below. 

IF you opted to handwrite your answers manually, use black ink. Please make sure that your entries are legible and that they fit inside the available space. 

Take note, also, that highlighters and correction fluid/tape is not permitted. Scanners may  not read the information that has been grayed out, highlighted, or fixed using correction fluid or tape.

In addition, make sure you are using the latest version of the form!

Here’s some bonus tip for you! When consolidating your form and supporting documents, it is better to use binding clips instead of staples. That way, your form is easier to disassemble and review. 

Also, using sticky tabs for each type of document in your submission can help the officer better assess the completeness of your submission. And it will help you as well keep track if you are missing anything in your application.

Let an Immigration Attorney assist you

And that wraps up our Tips for you when filling out immigration forms. 

Please remember that if you are unsure of your answers or your situation, don’t hesitate to seek help, especially from an immigration attorney. In nearly twenty years as an attorney, there isn’t much I haven’t encountered.  If you need help, reach out.  

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