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I Missed My Appointment/Biometrics/Fingerprint, What do I Do?

I Missed My Appointment I Biometrics I Fingerprint I What do I Do?

If you are applying for an immigration benefit, are over 14 years old, and live in the US, you will probably need a biometrics appointment at a local Application Support Center. Most applications require biometrics

Transcript (Transcripción):

Andres Mejer:  What if I missed my fingerprint appointment? Or what if I have to reschedule my own my own fingerprint appointment? It’s called the biometric appointment. What are we talking about? But if you applied for an immigration benefit and you are over 14 years old and you live in the United States, you will need a biometrics appointment at a local application support center, a local office. Most applications require biometrics. I don’t care if it’s asylum Green Card citizenship, DACA, TPS, U visa, VAWA, cancelation of removal, you name it. Every single one of them requires a fingerprint notice. Why? With it, they want to see what your past is. What petitions have you filed in the past? What criminal conduct do you had? So from an immigration perspective, it’s always hey do you qualify for something, you wouldn’t be applying if you did’nt. hopefully. And too. Is there something about your past that disqualifies me? Fingerprints. Biometrics is about that second stage. Anything in your past that would disqualify you from an Immigrant benefit. So typically you file, let’s say, asylum. Let’s go back to the Venezuelan guy. Right? Entered legally January 1st. 

Andres Mejer:  He was given six months. Within that six month period, let’s say in March, he files his asylum petition. Typically within two weeks, he’ll get his receipt saying, hey, thank you for applying. Or usually it’s. Thank you for your payment. But asylum at the moment, there’s no cost to apply. But Trump administration is trying to change that. So within two weeks, typically get receipt notice. Within two to eight weeks thereafter, you should get your biometrics notice. Honestly, it’s usually within a month of applying. But if two months have passed since you applied and you didn’t get your biometric notice, there is a problem because if you got the receipt, you know that they should have had your address correctly, number one. So it’s either you move and didnt inform immigration, immigration, made a mistakes sent to the wrong address? Or it got lost somewhere. Maybe someone took your mil by accident?

Andres Mejer: If it happens within a weeks and you haven’t gotten anything. Contact your attorney if you have an attorney. But if you don’t have an attorney, call USCIS 1 800 3 7 5 5 2 8 3. 

Andres Mejer: That number again is 1 800 3 7 5 5 2 8 3. That is USCIS,  phone number to try to get a copy of the biometric notice because for one reason or another, you didn’t get it. 

Andres Mejer: And what happens if you got your biometrics notice but you missed your appointment. Let’s say you were out of town, you were on vacation, you were traveling, whatever it was you got in. You come back in. The data already past. You missed it. Now, if it’s if you catch it within a week, there is in the middle of the notice, there is a box that you can check for a request for rescheduling. It’s in the middle of a document you mail to the address. I suggest you also write a letter and explain why you missed it. Attach any evidence. Note I was on vacation or I was on the trip. And here’s the data left. U.S date I came back. Here’s my itinerary. Here’s the information. I had to support, I was in the hospital. I was sick, my mom, whatever it is, explain it to the best that you can. You can also go to your local application support center. I mean, just go to the address on the notice where you were supposed to go. Take your passport, take the notice with you. Often they’ll they will take your fingerprints right then and there. You don’t need to worry about. You just go. You say, please, I missed it. I tried. Do me a favor. Don’t take no for an answer. Usually they will accommodate you. If the date is good for you. Now again, you get the notice and it’s a date in the future. You can request to reschedule it. It is easier to do it, but I don’t recommend you do that because you never know what date they’re going to give you. And to be honest, nothing’s going to happen on your petition until you get your fingerprints done, until you get your biometrics. If you get an email, a request, make sure you keep a copy for your records. You spent money. You spent time and energy writing the application, paying the filing fees. Make sure you keep a copy. 

Andres Mejer: So once again, thank you so much for watching today. Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe on YouTube. And I look forward to answering more of your questions next week. 

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