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I have to wait how long to be reunited with my family?

Immigration Reform

Our legal immigration system cannot keep pace with demand.  Roughly 1 million immigrants enter the country each year as lawful permanent residents, most of them based on family or employment relationships, but 4.6 million more have applications pending!Click here to see how long legal immigrants have to wait for a visa to be reunited with their loved ones.The wait is so very long, in many cases over 20 years, because the number of visas was set by Congress in 1990!  It hasn’t changed in over 20 years!  The number of visas was not meant to address the changes in the workforce that have occurred in the last twenty years.If your choice was to wait 20 years to see your parents, children, or sibling, would you wait or come illegally?  Many decided that it was too long to wait, and they came without permission.  Without a well-regulated and fair system for determining levels of immigration, people who have no chance at standing in line may feel that coming without permission is their only option and many are willing to take it, no matter the dangers.

There are less people coming to the U.S. illegally today then there were five years ago.  That is partly due to increased apprehension rates, but it has more to do with the economic crisis of the past five years.  As the economy improves, more people will try to come here.  Now is the time to create a more flexible and forgiving system that takes America’s 21st century needs into account.

Questions on Immigration Reform?

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