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How do I apply for my Individual Tax Identification No to pay taxes in the U.s. if I am undocumented?

An Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) is a tax processing number issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It is a nine-digit number that always begins with the number 9.  The IRS issues ITINs to individuals who don’t have a social security number but have are required to report their income under the Internal Revenue Code regardless of immigration status.

To get an ITIN, the US citizen spouse will have to submit a W-7 (Application for ITIN). You will need to attach a valid federal income tax return and proof of identity (passport) or copies certified by issue agency (your consulate).  Alternatively, you can visit a Taxpayer Assistance Center or an IRS authorized Acceptance Agent who will assist you in applying for your ITIN.

It is probably easier to visit a Taxpayer Assistance Center or authorized agent then mailing your passport or visiting your consulate.

You can find the W-7 and a list of Acceptance Agents and Taxpayer Assistance Center on the IRS website at  Search for ITIN.

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