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Get Your Green Card Through I-130 and Adjustment of Status

Green Card Adjustment of Status

I-130 and AOS

In today’s tip of the week, I’m going to talk about getting your green card through the I-130 form and Adjustment of Status.


The AOS Process

Let’s find out about the I-130 form and getting your green card with it through adjustment of status

  1. It starts with the background check. 
  2. Then, you need to gather your documents.
  3. Next, you prepare and mail the I-485, I-765, I-130, and I-45 package.
  4. USCIS receives the package and sends Receipts.
  5. Biometrics appointment
  6. Receive work permit
  7. USCIS receives package and sends Receipt
  8. Medical exam
  9. USCIS schedules and interview
  10. Receive green card


Consulting a New Jersey Immigration Attorney

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I’m Andres Mejer. I’m an immigration attorney and immigrant.  I came to the US from Chile as a child. I didn’t speak English and for a long time, I didn’t have legal status.  

I know what it’s like to live in fear of being deported and even after I got my green card because I didn’t understand the immigration system, I almost lost it.  

It was because of those experiences that I decided to become an immigration attorney, and it was due to that that I understood that education is your best tool. 

That’s why I do these articles. I want you to understand the immigration system, I want you to get the legal status you want as soon as you can possibly can and I don’t want you to lose it.  

If you know of other immigrants who would benefit from the knowledge I share here, please share my articles with them.  

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