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George shows how Social Media can end your marriage

Social Media Rules to avoid Destroying your legal case
Social media is a great tool.  But like any tool it can cause damage.  Let me give you an example of a recent situation we encountered at Andres Mejer Law.George is married with two kids.  But his relationship with his wife is volatile.  They are often separated for periods of time.  She kicks him out of the house.  During one of those long periods of separation, George met another woman.  They started a romantic relationship.  Then his wife wanted him back.  And he agreed.  Only he didn’t tell his new girlfriend
George’s wife agreed that George can take the kids to Florida on a vacation.  She was going to come, but changed her mind.  George decided to go anyway.  Only he brought his new girlfriend.  They had a great time.  They took lots of pictures.  Some of those pictures made it on social media.  George’s wife saw the pictures, and well, her reaction wasn’t pretty.  She attacked George.  George didn’t defend himself.  Instead he went to the police; this wasn’t the first time this happened.  Two days later, George was arrested for allegedly hitting his wife, an act of Domestic Violence.  George’s wife told the police that he had hit her and threatened her, resulting in a Temporary Restraining Order.Now George couldn’t see his kids.  He couldn’t get into the house.  He also had a trial coming up on whether a Judge should give his wife a Final Restraining Order or give him one against her.  He needed an attorney.  We ordered the police reports, photo, video statements, and evaluated all the evidence.  Her case wasn’t strong.  She ultimately dismissed her request of a Temporary Restraining Order rather than face a trial.George initially came to Andres Mejer Law because he wanted to exchange his green card for a U.S. citizenship.  We had to put that process aside while we fought the Domestic Violence charge.  Although the restraining order has been dismissed the criminal charges are still pending.

3 Basic Social Media Rules

George shouldn’t have been in this situation.  Here are some basic social media rules:

  1. Don’t write or post anything you wouldn’t say to someone in person;
  2. Don’t write or post anything you would be ashamed of five years from now.  Forget privacy settings.  If it is on social media it is accessible to someone;
  3. Don’t be stupid.  For example, if you are having an extra marital don’t post photographs of yourself with your girl-friend.  Or make sure she doesn’t post photos of the two of you.  Here is another example, if you are in an accident and claim a serious injury don’t post a photo of crossing the finish line of a marathon

These are 3 simple rules.  I hope they help you avoid a similar unfortunate situation.  .

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Social Media Rules to avoid destroying your marriage

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