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What country sends to the US the most new citizens?

in 2012 13.5% of naturalized citizens were from mexico

Where do our Naturalized Citizens come from?

According to the Migration Policy Institute, in 2012 of all immigrants who naturalized, 13.5% were born in Mexico (102,181) as this chart shows. Almost six percent came from the Philippines (44,958) and India (42,928).  The remaining top countries were the Dominican Republic (33,351), China (31,868), and Cuba (31,244).  These six countries combined accounted for almost 40% of all naturalizations into the U.S.

top 10 countries where naturalized US citizens were born

This chart, also provided by the Migration Policy Institute, shows that from 2000 to 2012 Mexico has remained the top country where naturalized U.S. citizens were born.  The Philippines and India replaced Vietnam and China.

How many people do naturalize and how many more can do so?

In 2012, there were approximately 757,000 naturalizations in the U.S. of a total immigrant population of 40.8 million.  Over the past decade naturalizations varied from over 450,000 to over a million a year.  In 2012 there were 18.7 million naturalized citizens in the U.S. (I am one of them).  There were also over 13.3 million lawful permanent residents (green card holders) living in the U.S.  Of those green card holders, over 8.8 million were eligible to naturalize.

Has Naturalizations become harder?

The changes in immigration patterns, doesn’t change the simple fact that Naturalization to the U.S. has become harder.  This has to do with the increasing complexity of immigration law.  Over the years, rather than reform the entire system Congress has seen fit to create a patchwork of statutes than then have to be read in conjunction with prior acts.

When this nation was first founded, almost anyone who was able bodied was able to enter the country and work for a living.  This has changed, and is one of the main reasons why immigration reform is needed. Over the past 100 years many laws have pas creating a tight web of restrictions that immigrants must now face.

How long does it take to Naturalize in NJ?

I can attest from personal experience how it has gotten harder over the years.  It also takes longer.  The process for getting one’s citizenship takes longer today in most states than just a decade ago.  In New Jersey, if you file a petition today for your citizenship it takes on average between four (4) to six (6) months until your interview your becoming a U.S. citizen.

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