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3 Frequently Asked Questions Before a Consultation

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You’ve taken the first step to getting your legal status and schedule your consultation with us. That’s great! But now, how are you going to prepare for this consultation? 

Clients often come to the consultation and aren’t prepared to start the process, so in this article, I will talk about the three most frequent questions I get before a consultation and how you can be prepared for it.

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Do I need to bring any documents with me? 

In most cases, I don’t need any documents from you in the initial consultation. After you hire us, if we accept your case, and we accept your deposit or your payment, we will give you a list of documents that we need, and we’re going to provide you with two appointments.

One, where we’re going to review those documents one on one, and secondly, we’re going to ask you a series of questions so we can prepare the petition in whatever process you qualify for. 


Do I need to bring anyone with me to your consult?

What do you mean? I get to bring somebody? Maybe you do! So, the simple answer is that anybody trying to receive an immigration benefit needs to be there.

If you’re trying to achieve legal status for you and your wife, then both you and your wife need to be there. Now, I’m not saying bring your infant child with you because they came with you looking for asylum. I’m not talking about that; I’m talking about an adult. 

So, the simple answer is anyone trying to receive an immigration benefit. If you find a solution to your immigration challenge, anyone you would need to consult with to decide: “Hey, should I make this decision? Should I choose to fix my immigration situation?” 

So, who should come with you to your consult? Anybody who’s going to want to receive some benefit. Anybody you need to talk to and decide, “This is a smart decision.”


How much money do I need to bring to your no-cost consultation?

At Andres Mejer Law, we charge by process. So, someone who’s applying for a U-work authorization will pay much less than someone in removal proceedings.

At Andres Mejer Law, we focus on getting you the best outcome possible, which means we’re talking about three fundamental questions. We ask essentially the same questions at every consultation, and then we create a plan.

  • Do you qualify for something: green card, asylum, u-visa, citizenship? Whatever it is, do you have a path?
  • Is there something in your past that could disqualify you? Like multiple entries into the United States, maybe you’ve been deported before, perhaps you have criminal charges, perhaps you’re in removal proceedings now. So, do you have a path? Is there something that could disqualify you?
  • Can we fix that problem? Maybe we have to reopen a conviction. Perhaps we have to reopen an order of removal or ask for a waiver. Whatever it is, do you have a path? Is there something that disqualifies you, and can we fix it?

Because we focus on these three questions, two clients filing for the same petition like a U-Visa may have very different fees.

One may be a straight U-Visa with no criminal conduct and nothing whatsoever, and the other may have an order or removal, maybe in removal, may have their conviction in the past, and may also be trying to include their spouse and children. 

So, yes, they are both applying for a U-Visa, but the circumstances are entirely different, and for that reason, their prices are entirely different. 

If you have an immigration concern such as applying for DACA, fiance, or marriage visa, don’t hesitate to consult with our New Jersey immigration lawyer. We find solutions to your immigration problems. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our New Jersey immigration law firm.


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