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The Case That Could Be the Next Netflix Series

Viviene’s story of abuse, kidnapping, and threats seems to be taken from a Hollywood studio. It is 100% real and had a happy ending like the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

Viviene came to us desperate with a situation of extreme urgency.

She lived terrified by the continuous mistreatment of her ex-boyfriend with whom she had two children. In a country that was not hers, without her family near, cannot speak English well, and with two children in her care, she did not know what to do.

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A day came when a beating almost killed her and Viviene said enough.

She left him and went with her children as far as she could, but he came back. So she had no choice but to report him to the police for domestic violence.

The police arrested him and prosecuted him for that crime, but until the hearing of the trial, he was released.

This is where the story takes another turn.

The man kidnapped the children and left on a flight to Brazil, where they are both from. He separated the children from their mother because he did not understand how she could have left him.

So he went to hurt her with what could hurt her the most: their children.

He left the children with his mother in Brazil and returned illegally to the United States. 

And to further complicate the situation, Viviene and one of her children already had an expulsion order from the country.

The other child was already an American citizen.

The nightmare got more and more complicated until Vivienne came to meet me and my team.Thanks to the great experience we have in Immigration, we managed to get Vivienne to recover her children and return them safe and sound to the United States.

But not only that: If we managed to do this for Vivienne and
her children, IMAGINE what we can do for you, who
already has a case we can fight for.

Imagine all that we had to organize, move and work for Viviene to recover her children and then not be expelled, adding more problems to the equation.

Viviene, as a victim of domestic violence, was entitled to a U visa. However, she had multiple illegal entries and a removal order, but we were able to fix those through a waiver.

We made a commitment to help her because there are legal tools that we could use to defend her case, and we did.

Applying our 9-5-3 method and because of the meeting that we already had, you know that you have options to obtain your legal status, but it’s up to you to get the ball rolling.

Fernando Rojas’s situation is another very complicated case that we were able to solve.

He entered the United States fleeing a very complicated situation in Mexico. He was so afraid to live in his own country that he risked everything,even his freedom.

When the “wolf” hadn’t realized he was in the country for a while, he made a traffic mistake, was arrested and deported due to bad advice from a lawyer.

A professional who did not fight for him, nor did he seek a way to help him. Since he was so afraid of being in Mexico, he tried it one more time.

This time, due to a campaign by the state of New Jersey, the police pulled him over for having out-of state license plates on his car.

He was re-arrested and was in prison for 561 days with a deportation order. His family hired us to help him with his plight.


Few people believed that we could achieve it, but he remained strong until the end of the process and achieved his legal status. With us insisting that his case be reopened, the deportation order was annulled and his asylum application processed.


Todd and Olga were seperated for a long time.

First, they did not have the best legal assistance because their lawyer advised Olga to return to her country to start the process, but then, she could not return to the United States.

This is every immigrant’s nightmare; being told to leave the United States and that you can come back. Well, Olga couldn’t. She had to wait 5 years because the lawyer (who is actually a notary) made a mistake. He gave her the wrong advice. She did not do what could have been done in the United States. Olga should only have been out of the US for 2-4 weeks, instead she was out for many years. They spent thousands of dollars on waivers that were never going to be approved.

As for our 9-5-3 system, the notary was correct in saying that the proper route was a family-based green card. The problem is that he did not take into account that the expulsion order disqualified her and he did nothing to solve that problem.

Olga should not have left the US until after the removal order was withdrawn through a motion to reopen. There was asolution, but you can’t fix what you don’t know. The notary was clearly unaware of this problem and chose the wrong path.

After two years, Todd was able to gain custody of Olga’s children and have them join him in the United States, but she had to stay out of the country.

Life is meant to be enjoyed!

Get out of survival mode and start thriving. Leave your worries behind and trust that our experienced immigration attorneys can help you obtain legal status. Stop worrying about being deported and choose to live life the way you should.


This was very difficult for Todd as the single father of his stepchildren.

After his wife received a denial, his attorney said he couldn’t help her any further and referred them to me.

Once my team and I stepped in, Todd felt that all of his questions were answered. We were in constant communication with him, which helped him feel better about the situation.

I could tell you infinite stories with happy endings because we live them every day.

After six and a half years they have finally been able to reunite. He always recommends our law firm to anyone who needs it because in his family, there are no more tears; only happiness.

Like them, more than 300 people hire our firm every year. They are aware that they need the best possible help to solve their immigration situation.

Our team and I work on each case to verify the situation and decide which procedure best suits their case.

We will never recommend someone to hire us if they don’t have a strong enough case for us to defend.

It is a slow process but we will be with you, supporting you all the way.

Remember that the difference between Viviene or Fernando and you is that they decided that the time had come to put their case in the right hands.They all agree that they should have done it long before. The life they have now was only in their wildest dreams, but those dreams have come true thanks to the patience, the tenacity, and advice of professionals such as Andres Mejer Law.

Do not let it go any longer. It is time to start your case and achieve that Green Card that you want so much.


Andres Mejer

The Green Card Doctor

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