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DWI Impact on Employment Authorization

Drunk Driving and Employment Authorization

Can I Lose My Employment Authorization Because of a DWI? Description: A viewer asked immigration attorney, Andres Mejer, about the impact that two DWIs might have on their work authorization “EAD.” Andres explained that it can DEFINITELY have an impact.

Transcript (Transcripción):

Andres Mejer: Hines Thony has posted a comment and said listen I have work authorization and in six months I had two DUI’s. Can I use my work authorization. Hell yeah! DUI’s are serious business for immigration. Look over 50, the majority of the states considered DUI a felony. New Jersey considers it a traffic violation. Granted with serious repercussions. But immigration is Federal. One DUI is a problem, two? Now you’re a danger to society because you knew at least once that what you’re doing was dangerous to others. By the time you do it a second time. So for example, if Hines files, is detained by immigration with two DUI’s in New Jersey, he will not be given bond or bail. He will not. He will be detained for the entirety of his case. So if he has DACA, one DUI automatic disqualifier. So Hines, we need to look at can we beat the DUI? Can we overturn a DUI? One or both of them? You can’t plead guilty. Super important.

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