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What can we do to fix our immigration system?

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the American immigration system is broken. Where most of the controversy lies is over what the flaws are, and how to fix them. This topic always ends up falling directly on party lines, and causing an ideological debate between democrats and republicans. Let’s step back, and examine it objectively.

What are the flaws of our system?

The biggest flaws in the American immigration system stem mainly from the question of how to deal with the immigrants who come to this country, and how to regulate how comes and how they do so. Democrats generally agree that out nation needs immigration to enhance our culture and economy. It also helps our demographics as immigrants typically have more children and historically the children more readily join our society. Whereas republicans usually feel we have too much immigration, we need to close the border, and prevent immigration (most only want to stop illegal immigration but some want to stop it all together) until we have figured out how to accommodate the ones that are already here. Our system doesn’t properly address the future flow of immigrants. Most immigrants that want to come to the U.S. can’t do so legally without waiting many years. We have no solution in place to address undocumented immigrants. Our immigration courts are understaffed, overwhelmed, and mismanaged. This causes additional spending in detention and deportation (removal) proceedings. We are spending more because our government has yet to introduce a viable solution.

How do we fix them?

This is the big question. Both parties have their perspective. Republicans claim we need to close the border in the name of national security. Only then do we try to figure out how to accommodate the undocumented immigrants (they typically refer to them as illegals) who are already in the nation. Some republicans feel that if we are unable to help them quickly, we need to send them back to their country of origin in order to relieve pressure on the nation as a whole. The democrats disagree, arguing we need to protect the immigrants who are already here by helping them achieve legal status and ultimately citizenship. We do need to control the flow of undocumented immigrants. I have no problem with border security or visa reform. But we have to provide a path to citizenship (or just legal status) for the over 11.5 million immigrants here without permission. We also have to address the problem of future flow. It makes no sense to fix the problem today only to perpetuate it 20 years from now. That means providing a legal way for those that want to come to the U.S. to be able to do so legally. We must reform our courts by allowing Immigration Judges to have discretion. We must reform our detention centers by allowing them to also exercise discretion and allow alternative forms of detention like immigration bonds or ankle monitors. What this nation needs is a comprehensive reform of the immigration system, agreed upon by both parties, but also developed by both parties.

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